Kosrobot's new minifigure - the aptly named Kosrobot - has been released. The hand-sculpted and hand-cast resin action figure features the classic 5 points of articulation, magnetic joints, bright colors, and stand in at 3 inches in height. This means that all of the parts are interchangeable between Kosrobot dudes...so you can switch things up.

Three versions are now available for sale: two blanks (Orange and Baby Blue Sky) and a fully hand painted Original Version - a classic Kosrobot image in his lovely orange AUM hoodie, dark grey jeans and light grey sneakers that never wear off. The price for the fully painted original version is $34.00 and blanks are $24.00 each plus shipping ($6.00 worldwide).


Also, Kosrobot has released a new Bubblegum Pink Tsihata figure. This 3-inch scaled figure measures 4.4 inches tall, towering over the Kosrobot with it's glorious horns. The piece was hand-sculpted and hand-cast in colored resin. All of the parts are removable and interchangeable with other Tsihata variants so you can create a color scheme on your taste. It's priced at $24.00 plus $6.00 worldwide shipping. 

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