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The Dreary One – now in 3-inch

Kosrobot has released a new figure released at store.kosrobot.comThe Dreary One is back in a new 3-inch tall form. Smaller but better than before, this spooky little guy comes in seven vibrant colors, features 3 points of articulation and magnetic joints. This new figure is made of high quality soft resin that allows for fun play without fear of breaking it.
In a deep future or distant past... On a long forgotten space station, something terrible happened. Now this place belongs to ghosts, moaning and whispering, ensnaring space travelers, searching for the one to blame, the one to say to: this is all because of you!
The figure is available for $15.00 plus $6.00 for worldwide shipping and comes in a bag with header card.

Spidey-Bruv By Kosrobot

Kosrobot has released his Spidey-Bruv figure, the first of a series called Luxury Money Cartel. Spidey-Bruv is a 6 inch action figure, with 5 points of articulation, magnetic joints and some fun accessories. Hand made of soft resin, this figure has the feel of a factory made toy. It includes three accessories - Supreme Money Gun, Gangsta Chain, and Money.

It is now available at for $35.00 plus $11.00 for worldwide shipping.

"Tired of his regular life, Spidey took to the streets to become real gangsta. As fate and hustle hard would have it, he found the Luxury Money Cartel where he became the Iron Poppa's right-hand man. He constantly gets into trouble, but in the end always gets cash and results. He likes big butts and swag life.

Spidey-Bruv’s favorite kicks are Yeezy Boost 350
and his favorite accessory is Supreme Money Gun."

Kosrobot’s Summer Releases

Kosrobot has announced a new wave of releases including two new Cosmos Cold figures, which are a mix between the Dreary One and Blaming One figures that were released previously. These versions are the "Blaming Yellow" and "Blaming Orange". The 6-inch tall hand-cast resin figures have three points of articulation (arms and neck) and are priced at $36.00 each.

There are also the new Tsihata "Blood Red" figures, which is completely translucent, and two Tsihata re-releases - "Black 'n' White" and "Negative" edition. The Tsihata figures measure 4.4 inches tall are hand-cast, hand-painted, and priced at $17.00 each.


Kosrobot. Daft Punk Thomas Bangalter Figure

It was a little while ago that we showed off Kosrobot's prototype photos for his Daft Punk Thomas Bangalter figure. Well, now it's completed and available for purchase. Inspired by an old photo, this figure stands 6 inches tall, has an articulated neck, is hand casted, and comes carefully painted in limited numbers. it's currently available at for $50.00.

Guy Manuel De Homem Christo is on his way to pair with Thomas later this year.

Kosrobot’s take on Daft Punk

Kosrobot has announced his next project. Drawing inspiration from Daft Punk (Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo) - and a specific photo of the band - he's announcing the first figure in what will (obviously, hopefully?) be a duo. The Thomas Bangalter 1/12 scale seen here is just a prototype. It's made of clay (not painted) and the final figure would be made of resin and fully painted. 

The final figure is set to be released by the end of March 2017 at And the price is yet to be decided.

Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo is on it's way too. Just later this year.

Kosrobot releases The Iron Goth

In a deep future or distant past...
A beautiful city of Grangard was one of the greatest cities on Midgard-Earth. Its majesty illuminated the galaxy with its light. Until Grey Koscheis came, destroying the city. And now the Iron Goth, protector of Grangard, will destroy them.

Kosrobot has released the new Iron Goth figure. Priced at $55.00 plus $11.00 shipping worldwide, this 4-inch tall acrylic and resin figure features 11 points of articulation. The figure is hand-cast and hand-painted. 

There are three versions of Iron Goth currently available - "Original" (grey), "Blood" (red), and "Night" (black).


The Blaming One: Santa

Christmas is coming, and to celebrate that, Kosrobot has released a season special figure - the Blaming One: Santa. The figure features metallic red paint, a cloth hat, and a removable felt beard. Just like previous Blaming One releases, the figure measures 6 inches tall, has 3 points of articulation, and a removable head, face and arms. The piece is made of resin, hand casted, and hand painted.

The Blaming One was the crew commander of Emerald Caste space station. Nothing really changed since then, except they're all dead now. He wanders the station in search of the one to celebrate with, the one to say to: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Blaming One: Santa figure is now available and priced at $50.00 plus $10.00 for worldwide shipping.

Kosrobot: The Iron Goth


Kosrobot has announced a new figure design, which will be released soon - the Iron Goth. The design of this character is obviously inspired by Marvel's Iron Man, with MOTU's bulk and overall barbaric feel. "Goth" is not about black haired heavy metal teenagers of course, but ancient Germanic tribes. Kosrobot has set up his own world where this character exists and hopes to share some of its details in near future.

The figure is 1/24 scale - 4 inches tall - hand casted, hand painted, has 11 points of articulation, ball jointed head, arms and legs, and includes transparent laser axe accessory. Price is not yet determined, and release is hopefully by the end of this year. There are plans for three color variants and for it to come in tube packaging.

Kosrobot Restock


Kosrobot is having a massive restock. Many new toys are now available for purchase.

There's the Blaming One from "Cosmos Cold" - a 1/12th scale, 6 inches tall, hand casted, hand painted figure featuring 3 points of articulation. Several different versions are available, priced at $45 - $50 plus $10 for shipping.

Also, there are new Tsihata colors - two pink and two transparent variants. These 1/24th scale, 4.4 inch tall, hand casted, articulated head figures are available for $20 plus $6 for shipping.

And the new Kosrobot HIPPO minidude is also available now. The 1/24th scale, 3 inch tall, hand casted, hand painted figure features magnetic joints and five points of articulation. It's priced at $30 plus $6 for shipping.


Kosrobot’s The Blaming One – First Painted Photos


Kosrobot is showing off photos of the first finished (painted) "Blaming One" figure from the Cosmos Cold Series. The pictures are of the original yellow version that will be released this summer. The figure stands 6 inches tall, is hand cast in colored resin and then hand painted with black washes. The Blaming One features 3 points of articulation (head and arms). It'll be priced at $45.00 plus $10.00 for worldwide shipping. Several other versions are slated to be released throughout this year. There are also plans for release of parts packs in near future.