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Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Pre-Order


Following their successful Kickstarter Campaign, the Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series is now available for pre-order from their Backerkit Store. With the exception of the KS Exclusive Smokey Grey Ninja, all of the same rewards available to KS backers can be pre-ordered. However, they will be shipping AFTER all Kickstarter orders are fulfilled and shipped.

There are a number of figures available (not just the ones shown in these images). The figures retail between $37.50 and $50.00, depending on the character and the number of accessories. Also, all of the Kickstarter backing levels appear to be was you want a 12 pack of figures. The base shipping fee for US is $10, everywhere else is $30. 


Sideshow’s 1/6th Scale Beetlejuice Figure


Sideshow Collectibles is currently taking pre-orders for their Beetlejuice 1/6th Scale Figure, which is expected to begin shipping between November 2016 and January 2017. Featuring the authentic likeness of Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, the figure retails for $239.99. In addition to the Beetlejuice figure, there's also the 1/6th scale Beetlejuice Tombstone Environment that retails for $124.99.  Beetlejuice is dressed to impress in his black and white striped suit, with wide eyes and wild hair. And the Sideshow Exclusive version of the figure includes the Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

The 1/6th Scale Beetlejuice figure features the following:

  • Detailed likeness of Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice
  • Finely tailored classic black and white striped suit
  • Five pairs of expression hands
  • Nail file hand Watches
  • Sideshow Exclusive: Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Funko To Release Two Futurama Toy Series


Funko will be releasing a pair of Futurama themed toy series. The second wave of Pop! TV: Futurama figures will be released in February 2016. This series includes Professor Farnsworth, Nibbler, Doctor Zoidberg, and Zapp Brannigan. Also, available beginning in April 2016, you'll be able to get your hands on the Dorbz: Futurama series. That series will include Fry, Captain Leela, Doctor Zoidberg, and Bender (there will also be a Gold Bender chase) in Dorbz form.


Introducing the MondoBalls


Mondo has introduced something that we're excited about - MondoBalls. Yep...those gross-out toys of the 80s and 90s - Madballs - have been reimagined through the eyes of the folks at Mondo. Classics, such as Skull Face, Horn Head, and Slobulus - are slated to be available to pre-order beginning next month (shipping expected to take place in the summer of 2016). And in addition to those classic Madballs, Mondo will be applying the MondoBall style to other licenses…such as Friday the 13th, Gremlins, Marvel and many more. Check out below to see a prototype Venom MondoBall.


Samurai General “Daisho” Darth Vader


Bluefin has announced the newest addition of the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars Series by Tamashii Nations. The Samurai General “Daisho” Darth Vader is a high-detail, 7-inch poseable figure featuring 15 points of articulation. The new “Daisho” Darth Vader figure depicts the Dark Sith Lord as a Samurai General, clad in sinister black “Death Star” armor (check out the head). It's been imagined and crafted by artist Takeya Takayuki. Each figure includes interchangeable hands, gun (large, small), and katana sword (light saber and regular).

The figure has an MSRP of $92.99 and is currently available to purchase.

Batman and Superman Artist Mix Collectible Set


With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set to be released in March 2016, whether you're excited about it or not, there are a number of collectibles based on the film license. Hot Toys has announced the Batman and Superman Artist Mix Collectible Set designed by Japanese artist TOUMA. Each Artist Mix Collectible Bobble-Head stands approximately 13cm tall. The two pieces are available as a set as well as separately.

Sideshow Collectibles will likely have these figures available for North American collectors.

The Dreary One Centurion Edition


Kosrobot has released a new Dreary One variant. The Dreary One Centurion Edition is a new, brighter color variation with beady red eyes. The 6-inch tall soft resin figures is hand-painted and features 5 points of articulation. Each one comes bagged with a header card and includes two vinyl stickers. You can pick one up at the Kosrobot Shop for $50.00 plus shipping ($10.00 standard, $20.00 express - worldwide).

Pop! TV: Better Call Saul – Jimmy McGill


If you're not watching Better Call Saul, you're missing out on a show that's a near equal of the series it spun off from - Breaking Bad. Before his days as the sleaziest criminal lawyer of Albuquerque, Saul Goodman was known as James M. McGill, an up-and-coming attorney struggling to be a local hero. And Funko is bringing Pop! collectors the Pop! TV: Better Call Saul - Jimmy McGill. You can add him to your collection beginning in March 2016.

Doctor Who TITANS – Good Man Collection


Titan Merchandise has announced the Doctor Who TITANS - Good Man Collection. This group on 3-inch tall blind boxed figures celebrates the world's favorite space-and-time-traveling adventurer with Doctor Who TITANS based on the 11th Doctor and his allies. The Good Man Collection features the 11th Doctor in both his Victorian outfit and in his green coat/stetson combo. The series is designed by artist Matt Jones (Lunartik). Plus, there are four chase figures not shown above.

Hot Toys’ Iron Man Sneaky (Mark XV)


Continuing to expand their Iron Man House Party Protocol Series of 1/6th scale figures, Hot Toys has announced the 1/6th scale collectible figure of one of the uniquely designed Iron Man suits from Iron Man 3 Sneaky (Mark XV). This armor earns its name “Sneaky” for its cloaking system that can allow it to enter stealth mode and camouflage itself within its surrounding. The figure features specially applied bluish-black and silver painting on armor with decals and weathering effects throughout whole body, LED light-up functions on the eyes, arc reactor, repulsors, and left forearm, and a dynamic figure stand perfect for aerial poses.

Sideshow Collectibles currently has the figure available to pre-order. It runs $264.99 and will begin shipping in Q4 of 2016.


The 1/6th scale Sneaky (Mark XV) collectible figure features the following:

  • Bluish-black and silver colored painting with decals and weathering throughout whole armor
  • LED-lit eyes and circular-shaped RT on chest
  • LED-lit left forearm
  • Removable chest armor to reveal interior mechanical design
  • Shin armor can be opened to reveal interior mechanical design
  • Pair of hands with articulated fingers and light-up repulsor
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of repulsor-firinghands
  • Circular figure stage with flexible pole