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Hot Toys’ The Bat Collectible Set

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Set 1

In The Dark Knight Rises, the epic conclusion to the Batman Trilogy by Christopher Nolan, Batman was presented with an all new aircraft by Lucius Fox. To celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary, Hot Toys has announced the 1/12th scale The Bat Collectible Set from their new MMS Compact Series

Sideshow Collectibles currently has The Bat Collectible Set available to pre-order for $689.99. It's slated to begin shipping in the Q4 of 2015.

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Set 2
Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Set 3

The one-twelfth scale The Bat Collectible Set features:

• Batman Collectible Figure
• Six front LED lights
• Six LED lights in the middle of aircraft
• Two LED light up back engines
• Functional cockpit door
• Two seats
• Moveable front dual rotors
• Rotatable underside propellers
• Articulated flaps at the back
• Two machine guns
• Two side panel rocket launchers
• Remote control for LED light-up and propeller functions
• Set of collectible stands for The Bat

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Set 4
Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Set 5

Furry Feline Creatives’ Kawaii Kaiju Friends

Furry Feline Creative SDCC Orange Kaiju

Furry Feline Creatives has announced their 2014 San Diego Comic Con exclusives - the Kawaii Kaiju Friends

Furry Feline Creative SDCC Blue Kaiju

The Kawaii Kaiju Purridge will be available in both Tangerine and Lightning Blue versions. The 13" tall plush will be limited 10 pieces in each colorway, running $60.00 each.

Furry Feline Creative SDCC Supaiku Dude

The Go-Go Supaiku Dude will be sporting a spiky shell on his back. The 12" tall plush will be limited to a run of 10 pieces, with each piece running $50.00.  

Furry Feline Creative SDCC Ultra Mega Ringo

And the Ultra Mega Ringo is the last of the Kawaii Kaiju Friends. He will also be limited to an edition of 10 pieces. Each Ringo will run $50.00.

Each of the 100% handmade - by designer artist Cheri Ong - plush toys will be available to purchase at Booth #5149.

Waddle – DIY Series Release

Waddle DIY 1

Urban Elephant has announced that their Waddle figure is now available to purchase via their website. The Waddle - DIY Series is a 3.5" tall blank, matte white vinyl penguin. The figure features 3 points of articulation (arms and neck). You can pick one up now for $9.95 CAD (excludes shipping).

Waddle DIY 2

Dark Horse’s Marv by Frank Miller x Eric So

Dark Horse Eric So Sin City Marv 1

Dark Horse has announced a new collaboration with Eric So and Frank Miller. The limited-edition 13" tall vinyl figure is of Marv from Miller's Sin City. This interpretation of Marv was created by So, with the guidance of Frank Miller.

Each figure is individually hand painted and comes with a pack of band-aid stickers, which collectors may affix to Marv as they like. Also included is a certificate of authenticity, signed by both Frank Miller and Eric So. 

Dark Horse Eric So Sin City Marv 4
Dark Horse Eric So Sin City Marv 3

The figure will be produced in a limited run of 950 pieces, arriving just in time for the release of Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (on September 10th 2014).You'll be able to pick one up for $150.00.

Dark Horse Eric So Sin City Marv 2

My Little Pony Series 2 Mystery Minis

Funko My Little Pony Myster Minis 2

Funko has announced the My Little Pony Series 2 Mystery Minis. Following up on their first series, this one features 10 new Mystery Minis figures in blind boxed format.

Look for the series to be available in August 2014.

Funko My Little Pony Myster Minis 1

Over the Bar Young Gosht Release

Over the Bar Young Gosht 1

Lulubell Toys - in conjunction with Ferg and Grody Shogun - have announced the newest Young Gohst release: Over the Bar Young Gosht. Each Gohst is cast using Grody Shogun's signature process, and incorporates GID flesh, red, teal and magenta vinyls all in one. The figure features hand painted eyes, assorted tongues, and brains

This Gohst will be available as a 24 hour, made to order pre-order. That window will open up on June 30th 2014 at 10AM PT. Running $50.00 each, these will ship in Fall 2014.

Over the Bar Young Gosht 2

New Releases from Daniel Yu

Daniel Yu recently released a number of new figures - in limited editions - for collectors to snatch up.

Daniel Yu Crawdad Stealth

The Crawdad Kid Clear Edition
This OMFG! Series 1 alumni is now in it's 19th colorway. The 2" tall figure is available in a crystal clear edition. You can pick one up for $7.00 (free worldwide shipping).

Daniel Yu Crawdads

The Crawdad Kid Clear & Flesh Bundle
Make a dinner of Crawdads... This bundle includes the original Crawdad Kid flesh colorway and the Clear Edition. Pick 'em up for $10.00 for the pair (free worldwide shipping).

Daniel Yu Cthulhu Stealth

Oi! Cthulhu Stealth Edition
The 6-inch Oi! Cthulhu is cast in a smokey clear resin. Featuring 2 magnetic interchangeable hands and rotating wings, the figure can be purchased for $55.00 (free worldwide shipping).

Daniel Yu Cthulhu Stealth 2

SDCC14 Exclusive Elder Scrolls Online Symbiote

Symbiote SDCC Exclusive

Symbiote Studios has announced an exclusive for San Diego Comic Con 2014. From The Elder Scrolls Online, the figure is the Fighters Guild Journeyman in Akaviri Armor with Pony Guar Pet. This is the first time that they've added a pet to the base Symbiote figure. Also, there a code for in-game DLC, making it the first place you can get the code for a Scrib pet. No word on pricing yet.

Alien Deep Space Mystery ReAction Figures

Funko Super7 SDCC Alien Egg

From Super7 x Funko come the Alien Deep Space Mystery ReAction Figures. Debuting at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 at the Super7 Booth #5245, the mysterious Alien Egg contains an extremely limited, secret ReAction Figure. Hidden in these eggs are new sculpts and colors never before seen in the Alien universe. Once opened, the egg doubles as an action figure stand featuring a foot-peg to pose your ReAction Figure.

It will be limited to four eggs per person for the entirety of SDCC. You'll be able to pick them up for $25.00 each.

My Hero Toys Indiegogo Campaign

My Hero Toys

Geek blogger and cosplayer Tanya Tate has launched an Indiegogo campaign to complete production on her My Hero Toys customizable vinyl figure platform. Tanya saw the need for a heroic female platform and began designing it over a year ago. 

I saw that there wasn't an already established strong female blank form, so I created one,” said Tanya. “It has been a long and exciting journey to produce this figure and I’m very close to completion. I look forward to having these in hand soon with the help of my supporters.

The campaign perks include the figures (starting at $25), exclusives, signed memorabilia by Tanya and even resin prototypes of the My Hero Toys figure.

The Indiegogo campaign started will close on July 17th 2014 at 11:59PM PT and has a goal of raising $20,000.