Mikie Graham Dunny v Android

Mikie Graham's latest custom endeavor is the Dunny Monsters vs Android Hunters:

"Dunny Monsters"
Three of history's most infamous monsters return to wreak havoc on the world in this adorable trio of terror. From the hypnotic powers of Dracula, to the unstoppable undead monolith that is Frankenstein's Monster, to the Wolfman's unbridled feral strength and aggression; when these three once human beasts join forces, the world is truly in for some serious trouble.


"Android Hunters"
Created by the great monster hunter Van Helsing, this trifecta of robotic assassins were specifically designed battle and capture the worlds most deadly monsters. Armed to the teeth and powered by an unstoppable desire to hunt down their intended target no matter what the cost, these mechanized monster hunters have the skills and tools necessary to take down their terrifying prey.

Mikie Graham Dunny v Android D 931

D-931: With its robotic wings, silver tipped crossbow and wooden stake arm, D-931 is sure to capture or destroy any vampire in its path, in fact if you look closely it appears that it has already caught one of its winged prey.

Mikie Graham Dunny v Android F 931

F-931: Driven into battle and powered by the brain of the very mad scientist who originally created the re-animated franken-monster, F-931's blazing torch arm and removable pitch fork accessories are sure to capture its elusive once human pray.

Mikie Graham Dunny v Android W 941

W-941: Created to hunt down the lycanthropes the world over, W-941 features a powerful silver bullet cannon and removable protective shields which already appear to have taken some superficial damage.

Mikie's Graham's Monsters vs Hunters will be available along with dozens of other customs in Dragatomi's "Androids vs Dunnys" Blind Box Series releasing at this years San Diego Comic Con (booth #5350).

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