Taylored Curiosities Keeper Of The Forest Morrow Munny 1

The Keeper of the Forest, is a wise old beast,
He wanders round the Earth,
looking for a feast.
He's always very hungry,
he could eat a tasty horse,
But the Morrow find him biscuits,
it's what he craves, of course.

From Taylored Curiosities, Penny used a 4″ DIY Kidrobot Munny and combined sewing, her original resin toys, sculpting and up-cycling with painting and needle felting to create this one of a kind creature. The Morrow is hand sculpted and cast in a minty green color and measures 2 cm.

The forest floor is needle felted with an artificial leaf adorned with a button, fixed in place. The Keepers face is hand sculpted and painted. The fungus is also hand sculpted and painted and finished off with moss. A hand sewn nest is the perfect resting place for the Morrow when it's not off collecting biscuits for the Keeper.

Taylored Curiosities Keeper Of The Forest Morrow Munny 2

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