Yaws Sacred Heart Of Tuttz 2

Clinton Yaws recently completed work on a pair of custom Tuttz cats in conjunction with Eric at Argonaut Resins. The 6.5" tall custom is entitled "Sacred Heart of Gato-lupe"

It is a take off of the Gato Muerto stickers and shirts done by Eric for last October. This custom shows a sacred heart of the Virgin Mary with the heart wrapped in daisy flowers. The head is painted as a cat skull.

This custom will be sold in a package with the original 5"x7" graphite sketch (framed) done to work out the idea. Also including is a Sacred Heart Necklace- available via Clinton's Lunar Opus shop.

Yaws Catnip Trip Tuttz 2

The 3.5" Mini Tuttz is titled "Catnip Trip" Tuttz.

This piece is detailed with a catnip flower bloom that wraps from the back to front. The small two-lipped flowers are white and finely spotted with pale purple. They are showy and fragrant. Catnip is used as a recreational substance for pet cats' enjoyment. 

Yaws Catnip Trip Tuttz 1 Yaws Sacred Heart Of Tuttz 1

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