Emily Bee Tuttz

Death By Fire is EmilyBee's third 8-inch resin custom Tuttz (from Argonaut Resins).The custom will be available for purchase this Tuesday - August 28th 2012 - at 1:00PM ET at emilybee.bigcartel.com.

More about Death By Fire from the artist:

Death By Fire was inspired by the song with the same name by Canadian band Land Of Talk. In this song the lead singer Elizabeth Powell laments over leaving a life worth living. She expresses that she lived it in sacrifice, however she should not be rewarded for it. She says that fate and dying in pain are both equal fears of hers. I find the song quite tragic, and with the upbeat melody and the mention of there being “no such thing as a bad day” makes me think of someone who is trekking on through the pain, unsure if it will ever pass. I painted Death By Fire to look like he is being consumed in bright orange flames.

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