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Ninja of the Month: Aqua Ninja

aqua front

Shawnimals are set to release the next Ninja of the Month: Aqua Ninja. This is the 4th Ninja to be released as a part of Shawnimals’ 12-part Ninja of the Month collection. Look for Aqua Ninja to be available on Wednesday April 7th, 2010 at 1PM CDT.

This highly-skilled Ninja is the guardian of all things wet: Waterways, the vast network of underground lakes below Ninjatown, even puddles. In fact, when submerged Aqua Ninja has the agility of a dolphin, the wits of an octopod, and is as cute as a baby otter!

The 7" × 7" Aqua Ninja is limited to a run of 100 pieces. Each one includes a signed and numbered hang tag, scuba mask, character sticker and button. All of $30 each.

aqua side1

Coin Op from Army of Trolls


The Poster Cause Project has released the Coin Op poster designed by Army of Trolls. This 11" by 17" poster sells for $25 each. 100% of the profits go the SpecialEffect charity, helping young people with disabilities enjoy video games.

Ollie the Twitterrific Bird – Mono Vintage Version

twitterrific mono 1

Today (Friday March 26th, 2010) at Noon PST (3PM EST), Strangekiss will be dropping the Ollie the Twitterrific Bird - Mono Vintage Version by David Lanham.The 4" tall rotocast vinyl figure will be limited to a run of only 100 pieces. Each figure will run $29.95 - so get on it Twitterrific fans!

twitterrific mono 2

Pierre Rouzier’s Vapor_2.0

vapor 2

Artist/sculptor Pierre Rouzier released his brightly "flavored" resin dragon, affectionately referred to as Vapor, in early February. There are two versions of vapor: the 5¼" (LE) Vapor figure and the functional 5½" Vapor_2.0 USB Docking station for flash drives.

The Mango_2.0 colorway is the most recent addition to line. The piece is also available in Cherry, Grape and Olive colorways. Each figure is individually hand cast in reinforced resin and hand painted, signed and numbered by the artist. Each Vapor_2.0 figure includes a 6 ft long - quality high speed factory cable. They're currently available for $53 plus s/h (the original runs $42) through Pierre's webshop.

Elite Gudz x Phetus x Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

elitegudz phetus fashionweek 02

Elite Gudz artist and designer, Phetus, helped Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week bid a fond farewell to its Bryant Park home by contributing original art installations to the events media sponsor, Vevant, for each day of the eight day event. A recap of the occasion along with behind the scenes footage is now available from the team at Elite Gudz.
Phetus’ site-specific creations each consisted of a differently styled mannequin bust, a 4' x 6' canvas and an accompanying 12" x 12" canvas in themes relating to the world of fashion and current events.
Amongst the pieces created by Phetus for the event were “Neg di san fe,” in an effort to support relief in Haiti and “From the Heart,” in support of Women’s Heart Health Awareness.

Skelanimals Artist Series Collection

skelanimals toy2r

Toy2R has announced the lineup of artists participating in the upcoming collaboration between Skelanimals and Qee - the Skelanimals Artist Series Collection. This series will be released in multiple assortments (this summer), featuring all new 3" Qee Figures based on the popular Skelanimals characters.

This series includes designs from: Jon Paul Kaiser, Julie West, Jim Koch, Pocket Wookie, Mshrobot, PO!, Voltaire, Rotobox, Nick Z, Albert Art, Jason Freeny, Lunabee, Reactor 88, Frank Mysterio, Chauskoskis and William Walison. Not to mention variants and chase figures randomly mixed in.

New at Frozen Empire Toys – March 2010


Now Available at Frozen Empire Toys:
Mini Smorkin Labbit - Platinum Disco Godfather 5 Pack by Kozik / Kidrobot - $19.95
King Bossy Bear - White Flocked Edition by David Horvath / Toy2r - $14.95
2.5" Silver & Gold Shining Star Qee Set by Raymond Choy / Toy2r - $19.95
Bird God - Night Edition Edition by James Jarvis / Amos Toys - $59.95
Jumping Brain Mini Figure Series by Emilio Garcia / Toy2r - $6.95ea
Mini Smorkin Labbit Series 4 by Frank Kozik / Kidrobot - $4.95ea
Gloomy Bear - Threat Edition by Mori Chack / Kidrobot - $29.95
10" Neon Polka Dot Smorkin Labbit by Kozik / Kidrobot - $49.95
10" Dark Green Smorkin Labbit by Kozik / Kidrobot - $49.95
Bird God - Day Edition by James Jarvis / Amos Toys - $59.95
2.5" Love Czech Stone Twin Pack - Set A by Toy2r - $27.50
2.5" Love Czech Stone Twin Pack - Set B by Toy2r - $27.50
Knuckle Bear - King Edition by Touma / Wonderwall - $44.95
2.5" Year of the Tiger Qee Set by Toy2r - $19.95
2.5" Elemental Qee Series by Toy2r - $7.95ea
Mad*L X Doktor A - Lift Exclusive - $34.95
Keep your eye on the website.

Resin Monster Magnets Series One

magnet set

Eric Nocella Diaz - from Argonaut Resins - was showing off these refrigerator magnet designs around at Toy Fair 2010. After getting some good responses, he decided to make 4 full sets for sale.

The first batch went up for sale in the Argonaut Resins online store last night for $45 (including shipping). The other three sets will follow sometime next week. Each head comes with an embedded circular magnet in the back, so you can stick them on your to junior's report card.

Uglydoll Action Figure Collection Series 2

uglydoll action 2

Keep a look out at your local shops for the Uglydoll Action Figure Collection Series 2. David Horvath posted that the line should be hitting stores within the next few days. You'll definitely want to pick up a case - to get the whole set.

MonstreHero in my Pocket: Mini Victims


This Friday, March 26 2010 at 12 noon PST, MonstreHero will have their newest edition of the MonstreHero in my Pocket: Mini Victims for sale.  The 3" tall figures are cast of glow in the dark resin, painted with fluorescent orange, pink, or green.  They will be blind packed in a single color set of 3 figures (severed, engulfed, and impaled) for $35 each plus shipping.  They'll also be offering all 3 sets guaranteed at a special price.