Mimoco's Do-It-Yourself Vimobot™ vinyl toy has been customized by several
top artists from the urban vinyl scene...and will be on display at SDCC '09. The event is curated by San
Francisco-based DrilOne. 
The Vimobot Custom Show can be seen at Mimoco's Toy
Growers booth #4938 at Comic-Con.

Participatings artists include: 64 Colors, Betso, Brian
Colin, Cris Rose, Dlux, DrilOne, Gatchabert, George Gaspar, Jenny Wolf,
Jeremiah Ketner, Jesse Hernandez, John "Spanky" Stokes, Kat
Brunnegraff, Leecifer, Leonard Amaral, Lunabee, Motorbot, Paul Kaiju,
Phoneticontrol, and Reactor-88.

Come out Wednesday, July 22nd to catch a sneak peek of all the fine
customs at Comic-Con's preview night from 6PM until 9PM.

Starting Thursday,
July 23rd
the custom Vimobot vinyl toys will be sold on a first come
first served basis, ranging in price from $40 to $100. Additionally,
many artists involved created extra pieces, 15 in all, which will be
raffled off as free prizes Thursday through Sunday to visitors at
Mimoco's booth.


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