Jeremy Sung

What do you get when you mix Mez-Itz - the new designer vinyl toy from Mezco - and 60 famous artists, designers, and F/X artists? The Mez-Itz Art Show. Rather than only turning to artists to create custom figures, Mezco thought outside the box and reached out to designers and F/X artists as well.

Steven Walden

Each was supplied with a blank white vinyl figure and given one mandate;
make it cool. They'll all be on display at San Diego Comic Con booth #4145.
Afterwards, the Mez-Itz will be displayed at a New York location that
has yet to be revealed.

Angus Oblong BarryAnderson-Ripley 

Leecifer Missmonster 

Amos Hemsley Tish 

Mike Drake Kim Dylla

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