Scarecrow You always hear about the demands that big stars have when they do events, concerts, etc. Well check out this hilarious list of necessary accommodations that Erick Scarecrow (of ESC-Toy) needs for his upcoming signing at the DKE Toys booth at San Diego Comic Con. 

Of course this is all a enjoy! And maybe you can bring some of these things to Erick during his signings on Friday July 23rd (Noon to 2PM) and Saturday July 24th (Noon to 1PM).

  1. Little Chinese lady to massage my back half hour before and after my signings.
  2. 6 pack of regular Coke-cold with ice and served in a clear plastic cup with multiple color straws
  3. Seltzer water-cold
  4. 6 bottles of Dasani 20oz cold
  5. A citrus a freshener by my signing area. Nothing too overpowering.
  6. A pack of brand new industrial black sharpies
  7. 2B pencil with electric blue gummy eraser. Any other color is not acceptable.
  8. Doritos Party Mix chips
  9. A bag of M&M peanuts large
  10. Mini DVD player with crisp LCD looping Big Trouble in Little China over and over.

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