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Paul Kaiju x Saddest Devil


Is this the end? Has Keek failed in Satan's mission? Devils Head Productions has teamed up with kaiju customizer extraordinaire Paul Kaiju to bring you the very first Saddest Devil collaboration. Handpainted by Paul and limited to only 18 pieces worldwide, you have a 33% chance to get a pre-mission "clean" version seeing that 12 have been "post mission" blood splattered.


Orders will be filled at random so there is no way to know which you will end up with until it arrives. Each toy is numbered on the foot by Paul and comes bagged with a custom numbered headercard, a 5x7 print and a set of 4 exclusive pins. This colorway can only be purchased direct from DHP Inc. The price is $60 and they go on sale today (March 2nd) in the DHP webstore.


Core Phanost


Onell Design's Warp Zone is currently open, and you can pick up one of our personal favorites - the Core Phanost. This black and clear orange version is done in those traditional Halloween Jack-o-Lantern colors. As with other times the warp zone has been opened, it will soon close. Which means you'll have to act quick on this offer. The figure will run you $8 each...a steal!

Seamour Sheep Variants?


Check out three 3D renders of Seamour Sheep lamp concepts that Metin Seven produced a year and a half ago. They're named Seamour Ornamental Edition, Seamour Scoundrel Edition and Seamour Devil Edition (in the order pictured). He's suggested that if you'd like to see any of thes eproduced, that you send Crazy Label an email saying you'd buy one if they were available.


Ill Constructed Mellowtron (#12) Giveaway


Stuffed Robot is raffling off an Ill Constructed Mellowtron (#12). The
contest closes on Wednesday March 4th. To enter, all that you must do is shoot an e-mail 
with any piece of robot information. This could include a link, a photo, a
sound bite, or even a name of something robotic. The winner will be
selected at random. (So it's not really a raffle...since that sort of gives the impression that some sort of purchase must be made)



We often get messages where something might be lost in the translation. While we're not really sure what this press release is about, we'll pass it on to you nonetheless.It's because we know you love poop toys. Or maybe that's a pile of soft serve ice cream...??

J[a]panese designers GOCCODO participates in the exhibition GEISAI#12 3.8(sun)2009@Tokyo Big Sight. We will make a lot of new toys and the new illustrations public in the exhibition. It is very COOL and POP.!!! They will surely surprise a lot of people. Some toys will be sold in Japan and foreign countries after the exhibition. Please pay attention by all means.

Take Out: Tasteless Artworks by PON


ToyQube will have their first show of 2009 at 6PM on March 6th. PON, who will be in attendance, will bring "new works of art and
his signature pigeon character to some tasty, we mean tasteless menus.
A mixture of stencil drawings, graffiti art, and custom figures, don't
miss this event."