We really Lubbed ya…

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REVIEW: Six New Animal Lubies

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Kiwi Lubies: Four Sizes

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REVIEW: MLB Lubies (Part 7)

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Day 9 of Giveaways: Winner

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Day 9 of Giveaways: Lubies

Day 9 of Plastic and Plush’s 12 13 Days of Xmas Giveaways is brought to you by the fine folks from Rocket USA and Lubieland. We’re teaming up with them to give away three … Read More

REVIEW: Destination Lubies

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Who is that Panda??

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REVIEW: Miscellaneous Lubies

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Gorilla Valentine

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Lubies…Spreading the Lub

The Lubies Facebook page (Spread the Lub) has given collectors of the softball-sized plushies a few teasers of upcoming Lubie designs. They are (clockwise, starting top left) the Pug, Wolf, … Read More