lubies kiwi 01

Rocket USA has released the Kiwi, from their popular Lubies line, in three additional sizes variants. Of course, there's still the 5" regular version that we previously reviewed. But they've added a smaller keychain version that's 3" in diameter. It has a rope hoop on the top of its head, which is where the keychain is attached. If you'd prefer the smaller Kiwi as a plush, you could always remove that.

lubies kiwi 02 lubies kiwi 03

They also released a pair of slightly larger Kiwi Lubies. There is an 8" Kiwi and a 10" Kiwi plush also available. These are nearly pillow-sized...and soft enough to use as a pillow. One thing I noticed is that it looks like the fur on the Kiwi gets shorter the larger the plush is.

lubies kiwi 05 lubies kiwi 06

These are the first animal Lubies (not MLB Lubies) that I can recall seeing produced in various sizes. And while it might not be cost effective to do this with all of the characters (I'd prefer seeing more characters than various sizes), I think they chose a good plush to start with. The Kiwi is one of my favorite Lubies because of its soft fur and goofy look.

As far as picking one of these up, I've only seen the 8" Kiwi available and that was through Amazon. I'm sure that most of the usual locations will be picking up these Lubies.

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