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Mazinger Z 12-inch Figure


Sideshow Collectibles is currently taking pre-orders for the Mazinger Z 12-inch figure from High Dreams' Super Robot Series. The posable figure is crafted of high quality ABS, PVC and vinyl and includes 21 points of articulation, and iron cutter, reinforced rocket punch, and 2 pair of hands (fist & flat palm)


The Giver of Disease: Gangrene Edition


The Giver of Disease: Gangrene Edition is the newest vinyl piece from the artist of The Creatures in My Head - Andrew Bell.   This version is a limited edition of 300 pieces.  It includes the Soup Dumpling of Doom accessory mini figure and has posable arms, head and wings.  The Giver figure is approximately 5.5" tall and should retail around $60.  For wholesale information, contact DKE Toys.


Monster Invasion at Ruben Rat


Without alarming you, I must inform you that the streets of Sydney are in the midst of a quiet invasion by monsters. While this normally would be of some concern, it just so happens that these creatures are of the imaginary variety, and should not be feared ... Are you ready for the Monster Invasion?

Ruban Rat Gallery
76 Parramatta Road
Stanmore NSW 2048

August 29th through September 19th
Opening 29th August @ 7PM
Gallery Hours Sat to Tues 12-5

Artists Include: beastman, junior, ghostpatrol, Ryan Boserio, Bridge, Sean Kelly 'bucket o thought', smc[3], yok, kid zoom, reka, Itch, Creepy, Ears, Max Berry, serena kuhl, plump oyster, cat-rabbit, Sam PeaP Tarr (NZ) and Paul Shih (NZ).

A poster designed by Paul Shih will be available at the show or from his website

My V Friend


The kind gentleman behind Paper Foldables has sent us a photo of his latest completed (and assembled) creation - My V Friend. I'm sure that if you were alive in the 80's, you probably remember the show about visitors from another planet starring Marc Singer (aka Dar aka BeatMaster). 

You can actually download this character, print him out and make you own through the Paper Foldables website.  And you can also join the My V Friend Flickr page and show off your toys in action.

Toys Are Us: A Revolution In Plastic Director’s Cut


X-Ray Films has released the Director's Cut of the documentary Toys Are Us: A Revolution In Plastic. This version features extended scenes, more interviews, and updated pictures of toys.  The DVD also includes two new mini-documentaries: "Toy Making 101", which is about the actual design-sculpt-marketing process of making toys, and "An Ancient Vinyl History", which provides an overview look at vintage Japanese vinyl character and kaiju toys and they way they've influenced vinyl toy creators of today.

REVIEW: MODman Mimobot



Even if you don’t follow the designer toy world, you might have heard of Gary Baseman through his work on Teacher’s Pet or the board game Cranium.  He’s lent his distinctive style to Qees, Trexis, Circus Punks and Dunnys…as well as original figures such as Dumb Luck, the Baseman Dunces and Toby.

But he has finally lent his talent to Mimoco for the Gary Baseman Mimobot Artist Series.  His first creation, MODman, represents his popular character style. The USB Flash Drive comes preloaded with enough content to get your Baseman fix.



The figure is packaged in the standard Mimobot Artist Series clear plastic cylinder.  On the top of each cylinder is the run size and number that you have received out of the run (as well as the size of the drive).  There is also a foldout instruction booklet that includes some artwork of the design.

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Larry “Buster” Crabbe as Flash Gordon


Not only did Go Hero announce that they will now be taking "official" pre-orders for their Buck Rogers 1:6 scale Deluxe Figure and the Atomic Disintegrator Pistol, but they've also revealed their newest license - Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon.  They'll be producing a super-detailed 1:6 scale figure of the character.  We can't wait to get a peek at it.

Patch Together’s Product On Demand


Patch Together has just rolled out a new feature they are calling Product On Demand.  What happens is that people can pre-order a design and then Patch Together will set a production run quantity depending on if there is enough demand.  As soon as the quantity is met, they will begin production.  So these will be smaller runs, but the artist doesn't have to win Patch Together's competition in order to see their design produced

This might be a leap of faith for some collectors.  In the current Product On Demand offerings, you'll just see what the design is (no actual product).  So if you like the 3D rendering or the artist sketch, you can pre-order it (without having your credit card charged).  I think this is a cool idea, but I know there will be some issues since the company has yet to release any actual product yet.

New at Fugitive Toys

MIRF Vinyl


MIRF is the new vinyl tag designed by 1134 members MINT & SERF.  The toy merges both artists' styles into one piece.  More of a sculpture than a toy, the 9" long MIRF is rotary molded in soft-vinyl
and limited to 200 pieces per color.  The piece is produced by Thunderdog Studios and includes packaging that features a slide out box, silver foil and a two sided, flocked, blister tray.  It's available in both matte white and black. Look for it to retail around $80.  Wholesale inquiries can be directed to DKE Toys.