The folks at Wootini will be kicking off the fall season on Friday September 14th.  (Even though it's still in the mid-90's in these parts)   They'll be displaying work from two local artists in David K. Rose and Jason Hankins.



David K. Rose, whose work has shown far and wide, is best known for his knock-out use of monkeys, luchadores, robots, and ham. Throw in some T.U.R.D. power cords and you have the most creative guy in Durham.  Playful works urge the viewer to rabidly consume everything in sight and question American norms, his paintings never disappoint.


Jason Hankins, a strong up-and-coming Raleigh super-force focuses his time and energy on bold line work and powerfully imaginative pieces, presenting the viewer with this question: "Whoa".

200 N. Greensboro St.
STE A-7 (Carr Mill)
Carrboro, NC 27510

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