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Buff Monster – Happy Squirter Show


new show at Corey Helford Gallery will be unveiled. The
installation will consist of over 700 hand silkscreened balloons and a
5-foot-tall boob fountain. And, of course, all new paintings and
prints. This exhibition presents a cleaner, more stylized mode of
expression for the artist.

Corey Helford Gallery presents new works by BUFF MONSTER

“Happy Squirter”

Opening Reception Friday, June 1, 2007 from 8-11pm

On View June 1 - June 23, 2007
8522 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 287-2340

Juvenilia Show in Long Beach


Aaron Burtch has sent us word of the Juvenilia show he will be a part of.  If you're in Long Beach, CA on June 1st, check out the event at Koo's Art Center.

This Friday, in Long Beach, there will be pictures made by a multitude of art-making people and the pictures will be hung on the wall of a building so people can look at them and make fun of them or admire them, whatever the case might be.

June 1st: 7PM - 11PM
Koo's Art Center
530 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802

Charlie Mewshaw’s SaucerNauts


Charlie Mewshaw's independently produced toys are known as SaucerNauts.  They're colorful. little aliens with 4 points of
articulation and interchangeable parts (the photos are of prototypes).

Each character will be
limited to 40 pieces, are hand cast, one of a kind, and hand painted
and numbered.  Each one will come in a numbered box that matches the
number of the figures order in the production run and will be packed in
with a hand colored and numbered comic strip.  There are 3 characters
(Billy, Teddy and Geoff) in the first series, with one additional
SaucerNaut, and a mystery character hopefully coming out down the road
(fall ideally). In addition to the standard colors there will be some
limited variants introduced throughout each characters run.


Jim Koch’s Deviled EqqQee


Jim Koch has sent word of his new 8" Qee - Deviled EqqQ - from Toy2R and Circus Punks.  The Pink (Edition of 300) and Grey (Edition of 100) are currently available at various retailers.  The Glow-in-the-Dark version (shown below) will be available at San Diego Comic Con and be limited to a run of 100 pieces.


Monster Theater Contest Winners


We're proud to announce the winners of the Monster Theater contest.  Three winners were chosen from a large number of entries. 

Grand Prize (both sets): Teddy Ouwerkerk

Runner-up Prize (2 individual figures): Andrea Jordan and Matt Jasiorkowski

Look for your winnings next week.  Thanks again to Dark Horse for providing the great prizes!

New Uglys Shipping to Retailers


The two newest Uglydolls are currently on their way to retailers as I type this.  Deer Ugly and Gato Deluxe continue the parade of new Uglys that we've seen introduced this in 2007.  And they're not done yet...there's still at least one more original Uglydoll to be released this year.

Little Who of What at Wootini


Wootini's next show is entitled Little Who of What: New Prints by The Little Friends of Printmaking and is an exhibition of new prints by
award-winning artists & designers - The Little Friends of
.  The
Little Friends of Printmaking are J W & Melissa Buchanan, a
husband-and-wife team of artists & designers based out of
Milwaukee, WI.

The show will run from June 8th through July 8th, with an opening party at 7PM on June 8th. 

Carr Mill Mall
200 N Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC 27510
(919) 933-6061

Palace of the Brine at Rotofugi


Rotofugi is proud to present a new exhibit by California-based artist Attaboy in the Rotofugi Gallery.

Palace of the Brine
delves into Attaboy's ongoing conflict between
the guilt-ridden worker bee drones and the remorseless cephalopods for
the attention of the Brine Queens. It's a world where hairy bursts of
color float in the corner of your eye.

Attaboy's Palace of the Brine exhibition will showcase new
paintings and drawings hovering off moldy walls, casting shadows
behind them.  Attaboy's transparent spraypainted plastic works will
also be shown as well as the release of the Arctic Shmee Qee figure
designed by Attaboy.

Exhibit runs from June 8th through June 30th.

Opening Party:
Friday, June 8, 2007

Arctic Shmee Qee Toy Signing 7-8pm in the Store

Gallery Open 7-10pm

Rotofugi Gallery

1953-55 W. Chicago Ave.

Chicago, IL 60622


Prison Break – Michael Scofield


Hot Toys has created a 1/6 scale version of Michael Scofield from Fox's surprise hit show - Prison Break.  The sculpt is an amazing recreation of actor Wentworth Miller.  This is the prisoner version of the figure (in his prison clothes).  It's interesting that they created a figure from a relatively new television show.  Fans of the show will love this figure.  Look for it to be released in the 2nd quarter of this year.


REVIEW: The Gremlins



One of the major publishing events of this year is the re-presentation of a long-lost jewel, Roald Dahl's The Gremlins. Purchased by Disney in the 1940s, and only published once as a book, Dark Horse is bringing it back in October and also creating new Gremlins stories.

Dark Horse has decided to launch a line of figures that revolve around The Gremlins story.  (It has nothing to do with Chris Columbus’ Gremlins films of the 80’s and 90’s)  In addition to plastic miniatures and statues, Dark Horse has produced a set of Gremlins vinyl figures.



The window-front box is fine for displaying.  The figures are packaged with ties, and are simply snapped into the plastic tray.  The box has pictures of the two figures on the sides and a little information about the book on the rear.

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