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ToyQube SDCC Teaser List


Well...we don't have actual photos, but we do have the above list of ToyQube SDCC Exclusives.  It looks like a bunch of stuff...and while we've seen some of the pieces, we haven't seen them all in one place.

Daniel The Turtle SDCC Version


The limited edition San Diego Comic Con gold version of Daniel the Turtle will be available at the Level 27 Clothing booth (J05).  Daniel is a soft vinyl figure that stands 5" tall and includes removable scarf, wrench and tool belt.

Erick Scarecrow’s SDCC Exclusive


Erick Scarecrow will make his first
appearance at San Diego Comic Con.  He'll be there to unveiling (although I guess it's unveiled above) the Kissaki "Sandstorm" colorway vinyl figure
at the Toy Tokyo Booth (#5237).

Erick's signing schedule will be on Friday 07/25/08 from 10AM until 1PM & Saturday 07/26/08
from 10AM until 1PM
.  The figure is limited to a run of 300 pieces and will retail for $69.99.

G.I.D. IWG Astro Krieg Trio


Rocket World has announced that they will have a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive G.I.D. IWG Astro Krieg trio.   There will be 100 pieces of each figure (300 total).   Each figure includes an Eco-Dyne Death Ray Pistol and Human Skull Trophy.  They will run $15.00 each.

Doc Von Block Debuts at SDCC


The newest project from Scott Tolleson (of Tricycle Terror fame) is of a rather limited quantity (25
).  Doc Von Block measures 6" in height and
comes with his sidekick beaker Ivan.  While he might look like he's made of wood, it's actually solid resin. 

Due to the process of making
these, each piece will have a unique quality.  No toys two will look
alike.  The piece will go for roughly $150 each.  What doesn't sell at SDCC will be be made available at Red Hot Robot (Phoenix,
AZ) in August.  JulieB and the
Pretty in Plastic crew were able to help put this project together.


New Travis Louie/Pressure Printing Etching at SDCC


Hi-Fructose magazine has announced a new project with Pressure Printing and artist Travis Louie.  Premiering at the Hi-Fructose Booth at Comic Con and available online exclusively through, Bride of Stan is a hand printed intaglio etching, individually tea stained, and signed by the artist.

Each etching will be housed in a hand-casted and antiqued resin frame with custom cut solid steel backing for free standing or wall mounted display. The etching will be protected by a high quality "bubble" glass, the same kind used on Louie's originals.

Bride of Stan is limited to 50 pieces. Each package will include an embossed and signed Certificate of Authenticity.  Travis will be flying in from NY for a signing at the HF Booth.

G.I. JOE Cobra Commander Exclusives


Hasbro will have both of the above 3 3/4" Cobra Commander figures at this year's San Diego Comic Con.  It might be difficult to tell, but the figure on the left is in a black suit, while the one on the right is in a blue suit. Each figure comes with a podium
and COBRA banner, and is sold in a protective case.  Both will be available at
Hasbro Toy Shop following SDCC.

Being a super huge fan of the re-released G.I. Joe line (as well as the originals from the 80's), these are a must-have.

Zombies vs Robots Bertie


The SDCC Exclusive Zombies vs Robots Bertie variation is based on Ashley Wood Chris Ryall’s Zombies vs Robots.  It's up for pre-order via IDW Publishing for $350 each and limited to a run of 100 pieces.  You'll be able to print out your receipt and then pick it up at Comic Con.


Max Toy Co. SDCC Exclusives

Max Toy Co. won't actually have a booth at San Diego Comic Con this year, but they will have a number of exclusive figures available at the STRANGEco booth.

Tripasu: Cronic and Max Toy Co.


Produced by Cronic and based on a design by Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co.), the run of 15 pieces have been hand-painted by Mark.

Pharoahs: Rumble Monsters


The limited edition of 5 pieces have been hand-painted by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co.

Eyezon: Max Toy Co.


This version of Eyezon is clear gold vinyl with visible guts.  The limited run of 16 pieces have all been hand-painted by Mark.

Booska Glow-in-the-Dark: Max Toy Co.


This GID version of Martin Ontiveros' take on the classic character will be limited to 40 pieces.

Boy Karma Glow-in-the-Dark: Max Toy Co.


Boy Karma Black Edition: Max Toy Co.


Boy versions of the Boy Karma figure (GID and all black) will be limited to run of 30 pieces.

Zog Invades SDCC 2008


Strangekiss will be releasing their first two Zog (by David Lanham) colorways at SDCC 2008.  Original Zog and the Murder Zog variant by Frank Kozik will be limited to 300 pieces and 170 pieces, respectively.

Zog is 7" in height with his arms down and 11.5" with his arms up.  The figure is 4.5" deep with articulated shoulders.  The piece features an open mouth with tongue and the warts are different sizes.

Strangekiss will have a portion of the overall run at SDCC.  So if you aren't able to pick one up at the Con, there's still a chance you can pick one up.