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UNKL Unveils SDCC Exclusives

Well, we knew about the Wilco UniPo 6-pack, but UNKL has now released a schedule with all of their exclusives.  I'm not sure if I like the whole "release a different exclusive every day" thing, but it assures you that everything doesn't sell out preview night.  For someone who isn't going to the show every day, I guess they need to pick and choose.

Here's the schedule:

Thursday July 26th - Wilco UniPo 6-pack (200 sets)


Friday July 27 - Urban Recovery SUG & Ulligus (40 pieces)
                       Search & Rescue SUG & Ulligus (250 pieces)


Saturday July 28 - Debut of HazMaPo Carbon Series (250 of each)
                             SDCC '07 Exclusive HazMaPo (40 pieces)


What’s The World Got In Store

Wilcounkl might be a little early to be looking ahead to San Diego Comic Con...but UNKL has released an image of one of their exclusive sets.  Being a fan of Jeff Tweedy's work since he led Uncle Tupelo, it's great to hear that he is a fan of designer toys.  Apparently, he likes himself some UNKL products.  They discussed doing a set of 6 figures representing Wilco's band members...and voila!  The 2" tall UniPo figures will be packaged as a six pack set.