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Mixy and Joe Action Figures


Wheaty Wheat Studios is hitting the Action Figure shelves with their offerring of Mixy and JoeCF, the author of the comic - Mixy, has this to say about the comic:

Joe is a 10 year old boy, who just wanted a pet who wouldn’t get run
over and die. He chose a rather rotten looking rabbit, named Mixy.
Unfortunately for Joe, mixy wasn't exactly your normal pet rabbit... and
so the misadventure begins, in a world that has forgotten the dead once
rose from their graves, where zombie rabbits desire world domination,
and little boys crave human flesh...

Look for these around the end of this year or early next year.  I saw the prototypes at SDCC...they should be worth the wait.

Wheaty Wheat Back Online

Wheaty Wheat Studios newly revamped website is now up and running.  It's something that I have been looking forward to as they really are putting out some of the hottest new toys in the designer genre.  They have a lot of info there, but they should be adding more as the weeks go on and they begin releasing more cool figures.  Check out the 360 degree views....very cool.

And for those of you just dying to get your hands on some of the new Joe Ledbetter figures.  The Kidrobot exclusive Mr. Bunny is set to drop on September 22nd.  Good luck getting one....only 50 were made.