Wheaty Wheat Studios
has assembled some of the best designs from last year’s Custom MAD*L Show, as well as some new designs, in what is being referred to as the MAD*L Artist Series.   Phase 1 and 2 each had 3 figures designed by MAD.  This series consists of work by MAD, Sket One, Frank Kozik, Mimic, TADO and Christopher Lee.



The MAD*L Artist Series is very similar to the Phase 1 and 2 boxes.  It is a windowless box with a sticker of the enclosed character on the top lid.


The Figure

Well, if you collect vinyl figures, I am sure that you have seen a MAD*L before.  The figures stand around 6” tall and have 1 point of articulation (the neck).  The MAD*L figure is quickly becoming one of the most popular *gasp* platform toys out there.  Originally modeled after MAD’s son, it allows for all types of customizations. 


Our Opinion

When you think about it, this is one of the few platform series where
the designs just keep getting better.  The Artist Series definitely
surpasses the first 2. 


The jewel of this MAD*L series would have to be the TADO figure.  It’s
glow-in-the-dark and chocked full of cool TADO doodles.  It might take you 10 or so minutes to see everything that's on this figure.   For graffiti
fans, you’ll want Sket’s figure.  At first glance, you would think that
Sket’s design was done by MAD.  However, MAD’s design is one of his
from the custom show – the one that was bought by Everlast (formerly of
House of Pain).

The Mimic and Chris Lee designs are both comic in nature.  I'm digging the back of the Mimic MAD*L as opposed to the front design.  I recognize
Chris’ design as his entry in the MAD*L show.  It is a numbers of characters from his upcoming Urbanites series of toys.  Frank Kozik has created
a camouflage, tank-like design that I don’t think I’ve fully grasped.  I know he has been working with WW1 and WW2 inspired themes (as well as the smoking thing), but this just isn't working for me.

In order of designs, I would rank them: TADO, MAD, Sket, Mimic, Chris Lee, and Kozik.


The MAD*L Artist Series figures can be purchased at:

3DRetro.com: $36.99 ea. (Kozik, Chris Lee, Mimic, Sket)
Panik's Toy Box: $34.99 ea. (Chris Lee, MAD, Mimic, Sket)
Rocket Pop: $32.99 ea. (MAD)

Plus, we are giving away a full set.  The contest ends on July 1Here are the details.

MAD*L Artist Series Grades:

Quality: 9/10
Paint: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Hype: 8/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 7/10


TADO - 9.4/10
MAD - 9.1/10
Sket One - 9.0/10
Mimic - 8.8/10
Christopher Lee - 8.5/10
Frank Kozik - 7.8/10


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