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Tiger-Guts Taylor from Rultron

From Spanish artist Rultron comes Tiger-Guts Taylor - an 8-inch tall resin figure that's been designed, modeled and hand painted by the artist...and produced by Brian of Dead Hand Toys. The Tiger-Guts Taylor resin is a super limited edition of only 20 pieces, with a box that's been illustrated by Juan Gedeon.

To pick one up, you can email Rultron directly ( or try to grab one from La Fiambrera Gallery in Madrid at

Tiger-Guts Taylor is a rude Wrestler from Earth trapped in a distant and violent intergalactic tournament, where only victory can bring him back home... ´til that moment, he must fight as if each day were the last against fierce Wrestlers of many worlds. Some of them, prisoners like him, many others, soulless mechanical beasts or bloodthirsty mutants ...

For now, Guts can only keep fighting and wonder ... WHO'S NEXT?

Aggretsuko Reversible Medium Plush

Everyone’s favorite introverted red panda, who’s just trying to get through the work day, is now as a 2-in-1 plush pillow from Kidrobot and Sanrio. The Aggretsuko Reversible Medium Plush allows you to choose between the character's shy, smiling face and full-on rage mode. The full Kidrobot x Aggretsuko collection will be coming in 2019, but you can pick up this unique plush now - just in time for Season 2 of the Aggretsuko series on Netflix. It can be yours for $29.99.

Zukaty x Phobia Toys – Neon Galaxy Rowlii

Zukaty and Phobia Toys have collaborated on a mini run release of Rowlii figures. Rowlii stands approximately 6.5 inches tall with 3 points of articulation. The figure's designed and sculpted by Phobia toys. This Neon Galaxy Rowlii run is limited to only 6 pieces. They are priced at $130.00 plus shipping ($10 US, $25 international).

To purchase one, please email with the subject “Neon Galaxy Rowlii” and include the following:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Email
4. PayPal email (to send invoice)
5. Instagram name (optional)

Kidrobot x Sanrio Gudetama Lazy Egg Plush

Kidrobot and Sanrio have announced the release of the Gudetama Lazy Egg Medium Plush. Lounging in at roughly 8 inches tall, this unbearably unproductive egg will finally come out of his shell and hatch his way into your heart (just check out the image below). This soft hight quality plush yoke pal comes with his signature booty and zip-able egg stamped with Grade A Lazy. You can pick up your own lazy egg plush for $29.99.

CCC’s pOink Cuddle Me Plush

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced their very first artist plush toy. The 'pOink Cuddle Me' Pink is currently available for pre-order. Limited to an edition of 100 pieces worldwide, the nearly 6-inch tall plush is expected to be delivered in December 2018.  From ball-jointed doll sculpt to chocolate bon bon to plush stuffed toy - this plush will be priced at €33 (about $39.00) - or you can get it for the early preorder price, now, of €29 (about $34.00).

Oddbods Buddies

Oddbods, the children’s program from One Animation (and airing on Netflix in the US), takes a leap off the screen and into the toy aisle with a new toy and plush line, exclusively sold at Target stores. Oddbods is a non-dialogue animated series that follows the comedic adventures of seven friends as they survive the perils of everyday life - in a 7-minute long format.

The Oddbods Buddies features four characters (Fuse, Bubbles, Newt, and Pogo), each one with their specific sounds and phrases, as well as a unique facial expression to reflect their individual personality. To activate, simply shake the Oddbods Buddy.

Suckadelic – The Walken Collection

The Sucklord has announced The Walken Collection - a new, 6-piece, limited edition, meditation on some of the iconic actor's most memorable roles. Each one includes a 3.75-inch tall resin bootleg action figure under a blister pack and mounted on an 8-inch by 10-inch framed graphic card. Films represented include: King of New York, SNL, True Romance, The Dead Zone, The Deer Hunter, and A View to Kill. Each figure will run $175.00.

The “STOMAK” Lottery – from Plaseebo

The “STOMAK” Lottery is open now thru Wednesday October 17th 2018. This is a Plaseebo custom of Nate The Milkmans “STOMAK” figure. It is limited to only 2 pieces. Cast in Japanese glow in the dark vinyl 6 inches high by 8 inches long. He has 3 inset glass eyes that are illuminated from within by a switched color-changing LED unit mounted in the base of the figure. Batteries are replaceable. Painted with a blend of Monster Kolor sprays and signed by Bob Conge.

But, remember, the customs will be available via lottery...with payment of $350.00 plus $20.00 for US shipping o $60.00 for worldwide shipping.

To enter lottery, please send the following to

1. Name
2. Shipping Address
3. Country
4. Telephone Number
5. PayPal Email Address
6. Instagram ID

Lottery winners will receive notification emails by Friday October 19th 2018. Figures will ship from the USA upon receipt of payment due by October 21st 2018.