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Beyond The Streets: Artist Spray Paint Cans

Beyond The Streets, the definitive showcase of graffiti and street art, announces a partnership with Montana Colors as the spray paint partner for the LA-based show. To celebrate the partnership and commitment to graffiti and street art culture, Montana Colors is unveiling a series of artist spray paint cans from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and André Saraiva. The cans are currently available for purchase at the exhibition gift shop and website, for $39.99 each.

Five Points Festival 2018

Five Points Festival has announced their event details for 2018. Taking place the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd, 2018 at the Brooklyn Expo Center, the festival will bring together the shining stars of the Designer Toy, Kaiju & Sofubi, Craft Beer, Food and alternative art worlds.

Enthusiasts familiar with art toys will have the chance to meet some of the world’s most iconic artists and brands like Huck Gee, Instinctoy, Kidrobot, James Groman, Jason Freeny, Ron English, Super7, Tara McPherson, and Mighty Jaxx on the show floor. Tickets to Five Points also include access to a gathering of some of NYC’s outstanding craft breweries and food trucks serving during all regular Festival hours. VIP Ticket holders will gain special early access privileges each day of the Festival, as well as entry to Friday night’s Designer Toy Awards.

Designer Toy Awards @ the Brooklyn Bazaar - Friday, June 1st at 7pm
Five Points Festival: Saturday, June 2nd from 11am - 6pm and Sunday, June 3rd form 11am - 5pm (Doors Open at 10am for VIP's).



Saturday Only Admission: $30*
Sunday Only Admission: $25*
Weekend Pass: $40*
VIP Pass: $125

*Early bird rates

Taylored Curiosities Custom Foomi

Taylored Curiosities has released her latest custom - this time it’s a custom Foomi. Loire is a customised 2.5” Foomi from Kidrobot. Sculpted with clay and painted, his Worry Bean companion is made of clay and has matching barnacles. You can pick it up now for £60.00 (about $83).

Loire (pronounced ‘low-Ahr’) is an anxious beast. His friends are always getting on at him to be happier and to cheer up, but his natural disposition is to worry and fret. He’s made a new friend; a Worry Bean. They go everywhere together now and Loire is starting to feel a bit more relaxed.

The Foodtroopers – White Edition

For centuries, people from planet crudity have imposed their healthy food law throughout the galaxy. But hidden in the shadows, someone's been plotting a counter attack : The Foodtroopers are bringing back the junk foods! Warning: It will be messy!

Pop and Toys has released The Foodtroopers - all white edition. This "bootleg" features the base of an old-school Food Fighters figure crossed with a Stormtrooper. The 5-inch tall piece features two points of articulation (using magnets). It's limited to a run of 30 pieces in this White Edition. You can pick one up now for €80.00 plus shipping (around $97 plus shipping).

Big Man Toys – Slinging Toys Full-Time

Lee from Big Man Toys has posted the following blog entry. I know I'm envious of his situation and the fact that he was able to make the decision to get back into creating. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that - for one reason or another - but it's definitely inspiring stuff.

About a month ago, I had what would be considered a very enviable day-job. It's a spot that lots of people in town would have done anything to get selling a very cool product. I was earning more money than I ever thought I would, and I was miserable. I released one toy in that time (on Shapeways - I didn't even have time to produce it myself) and it was the only thing during that period that felt like any kind of accomplishment.

There was nothing wrong with the job I had, I think we're all just wired differently. I did fine and was happy to over-deliver for customers but it wasn't my product. Compliments directed to me were for something I had no part in creating. I have to make toys.

It's been 5 years since I found out just how happy making toys and the art of running a small business make me. Sculpting felt fun, casting felt great, people buying my stuff felt really good, and at the very least, breaking even financially while I continue to learn rather than paying to go on a course really kept me going.

Anyway, no grand mission statement. I know how lucky I am to live in a first world country and have this as an option. I've been making toys as an impulse and nessecity for 5 years now. The only thing is that it is now all I do. I'll be putting out the best stuff I can.

Cherry Blossom: A four part custom release

Taylored Curiosities has announced the new Cherry Blossom themed custom series. Three custom Kidrobot figures, each linked with a Cherry Blossom theme, yet varied with their own personality. A little companion is with each beast and contains a small piece of rose quartz in their tummy (which aids to balance our emotions). These teeny creatures are removable (with the use of extremely tiny magnets). Completed with removable bases, hand cut and varnished (and made from an old family apple tree). The fourth installment in this series is a Cherry Blossom themed, tree stump house. This is an original sculpt. Two little creatures inhabit this dwelling, along with their tiny baby in its acorn cot (the same healing crystals and attaching magnets are used in this piece).

Schrab News – eBay, Robo Dog, and a new T-shirt


A post shared by Rob Schrab (@robschrab) on

Artist Rob Schrab (you might know him for Scud: The Disposable Assassin) has set up an eBay store to sell Scud related items. So, if you were looking to pick up some rare - signed - Scud-related items, that's the place. He's also released a new shirt design over at TeePublic (that design is shown below) with prices starting around $20.00, depending on how girthy you are. Finally, you can check out the above video of his Robo Dog creation getting all excited about Easter, eggs, and chocolate. This is something I'd like to see more of. It's handmade...with a lot of cardboard and even a Gatorade cap in there underneath the paint.

Junk Fed at C2E2 2018

Junk Fed will be joining the folks at the Galaxxor Booth #754 at C2E2 (April 6 - 8 2018). Todd will be bringing the following items:

Bored of Fett
Because nobody likes Boba Fett...and there aren't enough Boba Fett bootlegs. This C2E2 edition of 20 pieces features detailed paint applications by Battle Babies.

Mister Rogers
C2E2 marks the debut of Junk Fed's Mister Rogers action figure. "Mister Rogers helped foster my imagination and reinforced the concept of self worth in my early years, so I felt a tribute was in order". And if you can't make it to the show, Mister Rogers will also be available as an online pre-order on April 8th. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Fred Rogers Center.

E.T. 800
The E.T. 800 premiers at C2E2 and is limited to 10 pieces for the show. An additional run will be available later in the year.