Flat Bonnie has announced a pair of exclusives for Designer Con 2020. (Pre-orders are also available through the Flat Bonnie site)

The first DCON2020 exclusive is the Posable Flat Bonnie Plush - Exercise Edition. The 12-inch tall limited edition plush includes an adoption certificate and can be purchased for $50.00.

Secondly, the "Bunnywise" Plush also measure 12 inches in height and includes an adoption certificate. And - inspired by the recent version of Pennywise the Clown - can be picked up for $50.00.

For "A Flux In Time" - the Back to the Future Tribute Art Show, they have created OUTATIME - a one-off 12-inch by 8-inch vinyl wall art piece. It's available for $280.00.

And, finally, the last piece is collaboration art plush with Nathan Hamill based on Nathan's original art. The Mini Plush Capacitor Plush measures 8 inches tall by 6 inches wide and comes with a special sewn-in label and signed hangtag. It's available for $60.00.

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