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REVIEW: Big Puff Maki


Enjin Factory recently introduced the first character in their Instant Sapien line – Big Puff Maki.  The character was produced in 3 different versions – Disco Fu (black), Makizinger Zeta (silver) and Motto-Rebel (yellow).  Disco Fu Big Puff Maki has a matte finish while the other two have more of a glossy feel.

Sean D’Anconia is the designer behind Enjin Factory and Big Puff Maki.  His background is in the pop culture, clothing design realm.  Maki is part Bruce Lee, part James Bond, and part Shaft.  He’s a kung-fu fighting, afro wearing secret agent.


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12-inch RAH Symbiote Spider-man


Sideshow Toys is offering one of Medicom's most limited products, the 12-inch RAH Symbiote Spider-man. In Japan, this figure is a mail order exclusive, but Medicom has graciously allowed Sideshow to import a small number of this hard-to-find figure. In North America, the black costume Spider-man is available exclusively from Sideshow Collectibles. Each figure includes a display stand, interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, and beautiful full-color comic book inspired packaging.  The figure is selling for $125 plus shipping and is expected to ship in June/July 2006.


Hanna-Barbera Series 1


McFarlane Toys has released photos of their highly anticipated Hanna-Barbera cartoon figure line.  This line is based on characters from a number of famous Hanna-Barbera cartoons. 


Series 1 includes:

2 Fred Flintstone figures – one on his chopper and the other is a cruiser deluxe boxed set. 
Hong Kong Phooey is represented in a kick-butt stance…whooping up on the bad guys. 
Quick Draw McGraw is available as El Kabong.  I need that Baba Looey figure! 
And 2 Tom & Jerry figures – Rock ‘n’ Roll and No Trespassing.


REVIEW: Red Tooth Wedgehead


One of the most sought after Uglydolls in recent memory would have to be the Red Tooth Wedgehead.  With only 200 of them created, they were divided up into groups of 4 and sent out to 50 different shops around the world.

The RTWs have been popping up at random shops for a few months now.  A number of places are giving them away since 4 limited edition Uglies would sell out like hotcakes (never really understood what that meant...are hotcakes big sellers?).  He's only available in the regular sized version and not as a mini.

I had to ask David Horvath exactly what was up with this alternate Wedgehead plush, and why was he so limited.  “When Wedgehead was a wee prototype here at our studio back in 2003, the first factory sample came back with red teeth. Somehow, a photo of that red toothed Wedgehead ended up on many web retailer's websites, causing much confusion.


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Rock Poster Mini Figures?


STRANGEco has just signed on a very exciting group of artists for a new mini figure series, featuring a superstar line-up of designers from the Rock Poster world. Curated by Jermaine Rogers and co-produced by Wootini, the series is currently under development for release in early 2007 and will feature designs by Jermaine Rogers, Lindsey Kuhn, Jay Ryan, The Little Friends of Printmaking and several other prominent poster artists.  The line up features some of the most revolutionary artists in the field from old-school masters to established heavy hitters to up-and-comers, all actively producing Poster Art.

Here are some examples of artwork by Jermaine, Lindsey, Jay and the Little Friends of Printmaking. These aren't necessarily the toy designs, but a good flavor of the various artists' styles.