The full OCCUPY CYBERTRON drop is now available to view...and The Sucklord has gone all out on what I would consider his greatest release to date. All of the festivities will take place at End of Century Gallery in NYC tonight (December 7th 2011) from 7:00PM to 9:00PM.

sucklord occupy cybertron 4

The ONE PERCENTER 8-Inch "Mego Style" Figure

This is the first time we fucked with this scale/ style. Comes in a real cloth suit with a blinging Decepticon badge and cool Lego feet. Had a hard time deciding how to package this guy, so we made two. The Basic version is a traditional blistercarded affair with some rad ripped off and "Transformed" Grafix. The other is more Delux, mounted on wood with a cool "Street Art" Vibe including real posters slapped on the front. There are 24 figures. We will decide how many of each go in either package depending on demand. Make it known...

sucklord occupy cybertron 2

The ONE PERCENTER Classic Bootleg Style Figure

An exclusive to the gallery we are showing, END of CENTURY. This is a 30 piece edition with only 18 available. Don't sleep on it.

sucklord occupy cybertron 3

AUTOBOT Protester Mini 3" Figure

No idea why we went this small. Why not? Fuck it. Painted all cool with MONSTER KOLOR paint and includes a nifty real wood protest sign. 10 piece edition, Damm....

sucklord occupy cybertron 5

Action Art Trading Card Set

Created just for the occasion by Appro Nation and SIdekick Labs. This is a mini set of 6 cards (with only 5 per pack. Happy Hunting fuckers...) 500 pack edition with 100 special gold stamped packs available only at the event...

sucklord occupy cybertron 1

One Percent Jewelry by the Sucklady, ROXY SUNBLAZER

For all the bored ladies rolling their eyes as they boyfriends geek out is some cool one-off One Percent jewelry by the Sucklady, ROXY SUNBLAZER. This is a colorful collection of leather and plexiglass earrings and necklaces available only at the gallery, so hook up your womens dudes!

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