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Teen Wolf ReAction Figures

Super7 has announced two new ReAction figures that will transport you back to 1985 and Beacontown High School. From the film Teen Wolf comes a pair of 3.75-inch tall ReAction figures showing off Scott Howard (actor Michael J. Fox) as Teen Wolf. The first one show's the main character in his Beacontown High School letterman's jacket. The second figure showsScott suited up for the Beacontown High School basketball game.

You can grab these for $15.00 each.

Toy Art Gallery and Kaiju-Con

Toy Art Gallery will be exhibiting at KAIJU-CON, which takes place this Saturday (June 15th 2019) at the Japanese American National Museum in Downtown Los Angeles. In addition to panels, vendors, exhibitions, activities, and can always watch the special outdoor screening of Godzilla vs Mothra.

And TAG will be in attendance with a number of exclusives for sale at the show. The includes new releases of James Groman's Fossil Pods and Brachiosore, Ron Engish's Modzilla, Spankystokes' Stroll, Candie Bolton's Legendary Beasts, Martin Ontiveros' Baphomaniac, and RecycleC's Takhon.

Introducing: Dr. Apples (Mega Munny)

I'll let you read the following press release from Dr. Apples...but in the meantime, this might be the creepiest Mega Bunny custom I have ever seen. The piece will go up for sale on June 15th 2019, running $1,200.00. So, if you've got some loose change and a penchant for terrifying yourself...grab Dr. Apples.

Born in New Orleans, a long while ago (he’s vain about his age), Dr. Apples’ has graced your presence because he felt it was time to fraternize with humans. He’s a doctor in his own mind. He’s more like a witch but don’t you dare call him this! Oddly enough he despises other witches. I think some of them took a few potential clients. He enjoys Nola-style traditions, fancy pants attire, Venti-Iced Soy Chai-Latte (no ice), and has a sweet spot for unicorns & children. Who knew?

Don’t let his looks fool you, he is highly educated, trained and skilled in curios, magick of all kinds, traveling through other dimensions, powerful spells and of course getting into nasty trouble. You can get lost in his stories of learning about various beings. He’s a traveler of various scopes. Wherever he is, he enjoys collecting various species as souvenirs. After bringing them home, he gets bored and sells them for absinthe money.

He hates fairies (don’t ask about the eye), despises witches (even though he is one technically) & is a bit snobbish towards humans (Who isn’t?). Whatever he has seen, he catches and preserves; all yours in exchange for money. He’s generous like that. We are currently on the search to find his mother. She was kidnapped by fairies. Come with us on this journey of wonder and annoyances. You’ll laugh, I’ll cry while he wreaks havoc the only way he knows how: by bothering me.

This is a custom, one-of-one 18” Mega Munny of Dr. Apples. The base is Mega Munny. His mouth is open and has a retractable silicone tongue. Feel free to put his dread locs in a ponytail although he might not like that one bit. His face and hands are made from polymer clay. He’s hand painted and airbrushed. He comes with his signature grey/white eye and charismatic ju-ju. He’s all dressed up just for you. Aren’t you special? He is physically located at The Odd’s End in Decatur, GA and is for sale online as well.

Naruto Shippuden 1/6 Scale Bust Series

Gecco Corp has announced their new Naruto Shippuden 1/6 Scale Bust Series. Measuring in a little over 5 inches in height, the series includes 1/6th scale bust versions of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno. Currently available to pre-order for $44.99 each, these are expected to begin shipping around November or December of 2019.

Fools Paradise – Dokkan Awaken – Furupawa

Fools Paradise has announced the pre-order details for their Dokkan Awaken - Furupawa collectible. The nearly 19 inch tall figure will be limited to a run of only 398 pieces. They're expected to ship around Q4 of 2019. The Dokkan Awaken - Furupawa figure will run you $388.00 ($358 plus $30 for global shipping).

Spider-Man – Far From Home Cosbaby Series

Hot Toys has announced a new series of figure from the upcoming Spider-Man film. The Spider-Man - Far From Home Cosbaby Series includes a number of new figures, some designed with additional magnetic functions. There are two alternative styles capturing Spidey in dynamic poses, including Wall Crawling Version, Stealth Suit Version, and Web Swinging Version, a larger Spider-Man Cosbaby (L) Bobble-Head, a Nick Fury Cosbaby, and Mysterio Cosbaby

Look for these Cosbaby figures to be available to order over at

Super7 adds Red, Stimpy, Toxie, and Voltron…

Super7 has announced four new figures to their 7-inch Deluxe Figure line that will undoubtedly please fans of 1980's and 90's cartoon. First off, the Ren & Stimpy 7-inch Deluxe Figures are now available to pre-order for $40.00 each. Ren Höek and Stimpson J. Cat are available individually and will come with an assortment of hilarious accessories...including Gritty Kitty litter and interchangeable heads.

Also available for pre-order, there's the  Deluxe 7-inch Figure of the Toxic Crusader. If you don't remember, Troma's Toxie was cartoon-ized for kids back in the Toxic Crsusaders cartoon that premiered in 1990. Toxie will come in deluxe packaging with an appropriate assortment of accessories straight out of his animated world. This figure runs $35.00.

And finally, they've announced the Deluxe 7-inch Voltron Figure. The figure will come in deluxe packaging with his sword and shield. Like Toxie, the Voltron figure is available to pre-order for $35.00.

The pre-order window for all of these figures will be open until Sunday, June 30th 2019.

Introducing Lavawear from Nathan Hamill

Artist Nathan Hamill has announced his new line of t-shirts, available via his Threadless shop, named Lavawear. The line will go up on the site beginning this Friday (June 14th 2019). He's kicking things off with an all new Drorgs shirt, a 2 Dumb Dinos shirt, and shirts of the stars of 2 Dumb Dinos - Scumbag and Dingus. (If you're not reading Nathan and Erik Filipkowski's 2 Dumb Dinos weekly really should.) Also, the shop willl have reissues of Nathan's Classic Lavabear and Lavacreep tees. Look for the store to open at 12AM PT on June 14th...

SKULLOCTOGON Custom Lottery from Plaseebo

I'm late getting on this...but you only have the rest of today to enter the SKULLOCTOGON Custom Lottery (which is open through today - June 11th 2019). From Bob Conge and Plaseebo, this one of a kind custom of a clear vinyl Plaseebo skull head on a clear vinyl Guumon Bangagon body with Blobpus arms has red inset eyes and a belly full of space junk and spiders that are illuminated from within by a color-changing LED unit. The piece is painted with a blend of Monster Kolor sprays and signed by Bob.

If you win the lottery, the piece will run you $350.00 plus $20.00 for US shipping (OR $60.00 for world-wide shipping).

To enter lottery, please send the following to

1. Name
2. Shipping Address
3. Country
4. Telephone Number
5. PayPal Email Address
6. Instagram ID

Lottery winners will receive notification emails by Wednesday June 12th 2019. Figures will ship from the USA upon receipt of payment due by Friday June 14th.