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Bao Bao Benny from Okedoki

Okedoki wanted to show the "evolution of Benny the Dreamer to a heightened state of consciousness in this new resin figure". So...welcome Bao Bao Benny. "Bao Bao means dumpling and also precious one in Chinese. Life is very precious and Okedoki wanted Bao Bao Benny to embody this philosophy."

The 5.25-inch tall Bao Bao Benny resin and metal figure is currently available to pre-order in two unique colorways. The Bao Bao Benny - Bliss Edition (White) is an edition of 15 pieces, while the Bao Bao Benny - Midnight Edition (Black) is an edition of 8 pieces. Each figure is signed and numbered by Okedoki and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and custom designed bag.

These are priced at $280.00 each and slated to ship around December 2018/January 2019.

Pop! Movies: Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby Pop! in a corner! *sigh*

Funko has announced their Pop! Movies: Dirty Dancing lineup, featuring two of the most infamous dancers from the 1980's (we'll forget about Kevin Bacon and Footloose). The Baby and Johnny Pop! figures will be available separately beginning in December 2018. Also, there is a Target Exclusive two-pack, which features the exact same two figures you could buy separately. Really...I think I'd prefer seeing a Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze two-pack.

Look for these to be available to pre-order over at

Kingdom Hearts III Select Action Figures

With the release of Kingdom Hearts III (video game) fast approaching, Diamond Select Toys has announced their first-ever figures based on the title. The Kingdom Hearts II Select Action Figures Series will include a pair of two-packs: Goofy with his shield and Donald with his scepter; Maleficent with Diablo and Sora with the Starseeker Keyblade. Each 7-inch-scale figure features multiple points of articulation.

Look for these two-packs to be available in Spring of 2019, selling for $24.99 each.

Yummy World – Nicole the Ramen Bowl Plush

Kidrobot has added a new character to your plush comfort food collection. From the folks at Yummy World comes Nicole - the Ramen Bowl Plush. This plush bowl includes removable plush chop sticks, two plush hard boiled eggs, felted sliced pork, and dried seaweed. Measuring in at 12 inches (I'm assuming the bowl's diameter), you can currently pick up one for yourself (or to share) for $29.99.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 – The Gauntlet

Even though I've taken the last few days away...a lot of stuff happened over the Thanksgiving holiday. One of which was the release of the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000...over at Netflix. Season 12, otherwise known as The Gauntlet, features (primarily) the same crew from Season 11 in a binge-worthy six episode run. The horrible films the riff include Mac & Me, Atlantic Rim, Lords of the Deep, The Day Time Stopped, Killer Fish, and Ator the Fighting Eagle. 

For me, I like the savor MST3K I wasn't able to watch all six in one sitting - as prescribed. But it's quite possible your Turkey Day was non-stop riffing on bad flicks interspersed with a random football game or two.

Max Ca$h – Gothic Sunset

Superplastic has revealed the third ultra-limited colorway of Pete Fowler’s aging raver - Max Ca$h - in vibrant Gothic Sunset. (These are the figures I'm excited about...since it was Fowler's work that got me into the vinyl toy scene about 15 years ago) Max Cash's removable head reveals a transparent orange vinyl skull underneath. He also includes a Superold logo speaker briefcase for portable parties.

This colorway is limited to a run of 333 pieces made. You can pick one up now for $90.00.

Pop! TV: Scrubs Series

Four of the main characters from the hit television series Scrubs are now available in Funko's Pop! TV: Scrubs Series. Pay a visit to Sacred Heart Hospital where Pop! J.D. and Pop! Turk work on the ultimate bromance, Pop! Dr. Cox will probably yell at you and you might overhear Pop! Elliot use her favorite bad word (“frick”).

Look for the series to be released in January 2019, and you should be able to pre-order them soon from