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NYCC18: Tenacious Toys Drop #2

Tenacious Toys has announced another group of New York Comic Con 2018 releases and exclusives that will be available from their Booth #780 (and possibly website, afterwards). 

Jon of Rampage Toys custom painted the Tenacious Toys "Mexifubi" 5-inch Danger Dog figures in a bright, metallic color scheme. There will be 10 pieces available for $75.00 each.

There will be a small group of Micro Cabriolet Racers, which are sofubi mini figures presented in a 3-pack. Only 6 sets will be available and they will run $27.00 for the set. Only 6 sets will be available.

The Rampage Toys Ugly Unicorn 5-inch sofubi gets his cosplay on as the Ugly Hulkicorn. There will be 10 pieces available at NYCC (a second wave of a maximum 12 pieces available as pre-order from Tenacious after the show). They will run $35.00 each.

The last piece from Rampage Toys is the Micro Poo Hulk. This 2-inch tall micro sofubi figure will be limited to 15 pieces and run $12.00 each.

Also, the full lineup of 4-inch XXRAY figures by Jason Freeny & Mighty Jaxx will be available, including 18 total DC characters, plus the available characters from the tokidoki, Adventure Time, Sticky Monster Lab and Looney Tunes lineups. The total count is about 30 different XXRAY figures. Most will be priced at $20.00, with a few deluxe sets at $25.00 or $30.00. There will be approximately 10 units of each character available for purchase.

A selection of Classicbot items will be available, including the standard Classicbot ($29.00), a rare Black edition of the Classicbot, and the Trashbot and Friends Playset ($32.00). Only a handful of each of these will be available. Alongside these figures, the prototype for the upcoming iBot G3 figure will be on display.

And a wide selection of the Mechatro WeGo robot figures will be available, including the new Tiny WeGo blind boxes ($10.00 each). The newest 35Mechatro WeGo 10cm figures will be available, including both Tokyo and Japan, as well as a generous selection of other 1:35-scale models at $30.00 to $35.00 each. There will be 2 colorways of the larger 22cm WeGos available (white and turquoise) at $150.00 each.

Funko delights Game of Thrones Fans

Season eight may feel like a lifetime away, but HBO and Funko are here to help Game of Thrones fans to indulge their love of the show/book with new Pop! keychains, Rock Candy and Pop! styled after character favorites past and present.

The Pocket Pop! Keychains: Game of Thrones lineup will now include Ghost, Tyrion Lannister, and the Night King. In addition, the Rock Candy: Game of Thrones Series now includes the Stark sisters - Lady Sansa and Arya. Finally, Funko is adding to their Pop! TV: Game of Thrones line. Five of Westeros’ most hard-core fan-favorites finally get the Funko treatment. The newest characters to join the Pop! TV Game of Thrones collection include: master schemer Lord Varys, high-seas heroine Yara Greyjoy, the Three-Eyed Raven himself Bran Stark, a member of the ancient and mystical Children of the Forest, and true heir to the Iron Throne Gendry (rowboat not included). Also, a metallic version of Children of the Forest is available exclusively though the HBO Shop and And you can look for author George R. R. Martin at Barnes & Noble (his Pop!, that is)

If you're looking to pre-order these, or pick up some of the already released Game of Thrones figures from Funko, head on over to

Vynl: Star Wars – Han Solo & Greedo and Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia

Funko is releasing a pair of Vynl: Star Wars sets featuring iconic duos from Star Wars: A New Hope. The Han Solo & Greedo Vynl Set will help you settle the age-old debate - Who shot first? (We all know it wasn't matter how much editing George Lucas does)

Also, there's the Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia Vynl Set. Spoiler alert: they're siblings. Which, upon rewatching, sort of makes some of the scenes in A New Hope creepy.

You can currently pre-order both sets over at for $14.99 each. Or, you could pick up some of the already released Star Wars Vynl sets.

Kidrobot – Futurama Robot Santa – Naughty or Nice?

There is a chance that if he catches you after dark he’ll chop off your head and stuff your neck full of toys from his sack of horrors; but you’ll probably be fine...

Kidrobot has released another licensed Futurama collectible, this time the 6-inch tall Futurama Robot Santa Claus vinyl. Ring in the holidays with either a Naughty Version (shown above) or Nice Version (shown below) of Santa. Hopefully you're on the nice list... Both the exclusive Robot Santa Claus "Nice" Art Figure and the "Naughty" version are limited to 500 units worldwide. They also run $49.99 each. (It appears the lone difference is in the accessory: laser gun versus name list )

Plaseebo – “The Stone Walker Revenge” Lottery

Plaseebo has announced that "The Stone Walker Revenge” Lottery is OPEN NOW thru Saturday September 29th 2018. This is the first custom release of "The Stone Walker” Plaseebo vinyl produced by Planet-X and is LIMITED to only 2 pieces. He is 7 1/2 inches tall, has a color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries mounted inside, and red glass inset eyes. Each one is custom painted with lots of blood. He also comes with a hand cast resin bloody decapitated head of a conquistador, sculpted by Bob Conge. Each piece is hand-signed by Bob.

If you win, the figure will run you $250.00 plus $20.00 for US shipping ($40.00 for world-wide shipping). Lottery winners will receive notification emails by October 1st 2018. Figure will ship from the US upon receipt of payment due on October 3rd 2018.

To enter lottery, please send the following to

1. Name
2. Shipping Address
3. Country
4. Telephone Number
5. PayPal Email Address
6. Instagram / Facebook ID

Here is the backstory:

Journey Of The Stone Walker
Copyright Bob Conge 2018

Our story begins some fifteen thousand years ago with a small band of Siberian hunters crossing the Bearing Sea ice bridge and slowly making their way south over the glaciers of the last North American Ice Age. It is a treacherous journey with week long storms of furious white driven by fierce and frozen winds. In the fury of one blinding storm, the leader of this clan looses his footing and falls into the black void of a half mile deep crevice.

The group continued south and their decedents eventually became the Anasazi people
( ancient ones ) who populated what is now the South West of the United States from 100 AD thru the end of the 13th century.

In the year 1678 a Hopi medicine man ventured north from his village on a vision quest to seek the wisdom of his ancestors, the Anasazi. His journey took him far from his home to a deep cave in the terminal moraine of the last glacial age near the Canadian border. On the tenth night, the flame of his fire caught a reflection from something high above him in the cold black of the cave. As the medicine man moved closer with a lighted piece of hickory, he saw in the cave wall what seemed to be a giant man made of stone with moist shiny eyes. It was in fact the stone covered body of his ancestor, who had fallen into the crevice of the ice sheet fifteen thousand years before. The medicine man used his many skills to summon the flicker of life he saw in the creatures eyes to fill his massive stone frame and free him from the frozen wall.

He returned to his village with the impregnable Stone Walker, who in 1696 led the Pueblo peoples revolt to expel the Spanish from the region.

Some Hopi say they still see the great stone warrior guarding the moonlit flats below the cliffs of First Mesa.

REVIEW: Trashbot and Friends Playset

In this week's review, I take a look at the Trashbot and Friends Playset from designer Philip Lee, playsometoys, and Classicbot. Also, we show off their recently released series of Apple Macintosh inspired pins. 

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Pop! Movies: Mortal Engines Series

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic future where life is hard (it is a post-apocalyptic world, after all) and finding someone to watch your back is all but impossible. Funko has announced the Pop! Movies: Mortal Engines Series, featuring Hester Shaw, Tom Natsworthy, Thaddeus Valentine and Anna Fang on the adventure of a post-apocalyptic lifetime. Also, an unmasked Hester Shaw is available exclusively at Hot Topic.

These figures are currently available to pre-order over at for $10.99 each. Look for them to ship in November 2018.

Metal Gear Solid V: Venom Snake Play Demo Version

Gecco Corp. has announced that the Venom Snake, which appeared shirtless in the play demo version at the Tokyo Game Show 2014, is now lined up as limited model in 800 pieces. The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Venom Snake Play Demo Version stands 12 inches in height and made of ABS/PVC plastic. The left bionic arm is equipped with a Stun Arm, which can knock enemies unconscious with electric shock, and is interchangeable with the Hand of Jehuty or the red default one.

You can currently pre-order this figure for $299.99. It's expected to begin shipping in February 2019.

Mystery Minis: IT Series

Funko wants to help you celebrate the season of frights and ghouls by heading into the lair of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The Mystery Minis: IT Series includes Richie, Beverly, Eddie, Bill, Stan, Mike, Henry Bowers, Georgie, Georgie with a missing arm, Pennywise with spider legs, Pennywise with a balloon, Pennywise as a painting, Pennywise dancing, Pennywise as a zombie, and Ben with a letter.

In addition, there will be exclusive versions of Pennywise, Ben, and Bill available at Hot Topic; exclusive versions of Pennywise, Eddie, and Beverly at FYE; and two different Pennywise versions and Mike with Rebar at Walgreens.

This series is currently available to purchase at for $7.99 per blind box.

NYCC18: Tenacious Toys Drop #1

Tenacious Toys has started announcing some of their first NYCC Exclusives. The Tenacious Toys section - The Tenacious Collective - will be set up at Booth #780. New York Comic Con runs from October 4th 2018 through October 7th 2018

Martin Longbottom by UME Toys
Mr Longbottom is a 3-inch resin figure that was entirely developed, sculpted, molded, cast and hand painted and accessorized by UK artist Rich Page (UME Toys).
Limited to 10 pieces
$45.00 each

Tarbus the Tardigrade 3.25" vinyl figure by DoomCo.
Produced for DoomCo by Squibbles Ink, this is the first product, the first vinyl toy, & the first tardigrade designed entirely in virtual reality. Tenacious Toys has an exclusive blue GID colorway as an NYCC exclusive.
Limited to 57 pieces
$20.00 each

Jason Freeny Smart Bomb 8-inch vinyl (Exclusive Colorway) produced by Mighty Jaxx
So we’ve heard of the nuclear bomb, the atomic bomb and the photo bomb. However, there is one lesser-known, albeit groundbreaking bomb that was developed in the most secretive underground laboratory, one that was said to be capable of changing the course of humanity itself...
Jason Freeny will be signing at the Tenacious Toys Booth at 11AM on Saturday
Limited to just 100 pieces (with only a handful making it to NYCC)
$119.00 each

Blue HUMPek designed by Whatshisname and produced by Mighty Jaxx
From London-based artist's Whatshisname comes the salacious HUMPek! The third in the popular balloon dog series, this time he's brought along a partner along for a steamy night of thrills! Look at the curves on these puppies, how could anyone pass up on such a sexy collectible
Limited to 100 pieces (with only a handful making it to NYCC)
$149.00 each

Custom Painted Omens (Coarse Toys) from UNCLE
The six customs each feature a single constellation: Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Sagittarius, Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio. They are gloriously detailed, shaped like owls, and supremely glossy.
Limited to 6 pieces
$400.00 each