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Fuller Designs’ Egyptian Warrior Mummy

Fuller Paw 3

James Fuller (Fuller Designs) tried his hand at customizing one of Coarsetoys' PAW vinyl figures. This one was done up like an Egyptian Warrior Mummy - "His job is to protect the Pharaoh at all cost". This guy was a commission, so, unfortunately, you won't be able to purchase him.

Fuller Paw 1
Fuller Paw 2

Sea-Borg Gold

Monsterpants Seaborg Gold NYCC

MonsterPants is introducing the Sea-Borg Gold resin figure. Armed with a battle hammer, the figure is handmade by filmmaker James Felix McKenney. Sea-Borg Gold will be released at New York Comic Con 2012 from Booth #3116.

This version is a limited run of 20 figures and will sell for $35.00 each.

New Releases: September 26th to October 2nd

Wednesday September 26th 2012

Paul Kaiju TAG 1

3:00PM ET
Pollen Kaiser Black Edition by Paul Kaiju
Toy Art Gallery

Flavour Monsters

4:00PM ET
Flavor Monsters - Pink Brute, Lime Gunk, and Black Nasty
Lulubell Toys
$15.00 each


Friday September 28th 2012

ThreeA TK

9:00PM ET
Popbot Tomorrow King KDA by Ashley Wood
ThreeA Toys

Saturday September 29th 2012

Tomenosuke Cap Duck Mouse 1

11:00AM ET
Cap Duck Mouse by Shon
Tomenosuke Exclusive
12 Pieces

Tomenosuke Rovno Warrior 1

11:05AM ET
Rovno Warrior by Gary Baseman
Tomenosuke Exclusive
99 pieces

Tomenosuke Porcelain Kosplay

11:10AM ET
Porcelain Kosplay by Ajee + k.olin tribu
Tomenosuke Exclusive
6 Pieces

Sunday September 30th 2012

3A Charkin

9:00PM ET
Charkin Zombkin by Ashley Wood
ThreeA Toys
3AA Member Exclusive

Monday October 1st 2012

Skinner Scalded Bog 1

4:00PM ET
Skinner's Ultrus Bog
- Black Earth Scalded Magma Soul Version
Lulubell Toys

MadKnits NYCC Exclusive – Wiley

Madknits Wiley NYCC

MadKnits will be at New York Comic Con in "The Block" at Booth #3322. They'll be bringing a NYCC exclusive monster named Wiley, who was "a visual technician expert aboard the MadKnits spaceship. As they traveled closer to Earth he began to pick up the original Batman TV show and fell in love with it so much he came up with his own super hero costume. Now that he is on Earth he has began to actually fight crime and will be making his first public appearance at NYCC".

The limited edition plush will cost $38.00 each and be a limited to a run of 25 pieces.

Pollen Kaiser Black Edition Release

Paul Kaiju TAG 1

Today (Wednesday September 26th 2012) at 3:00PM ET, Toy Art Gallery will release Pollen Kaiser, their first production collaboration with the legendary Paul Kaiju. Produced by TAG and designed/sculpted by Kaiju, the figure stands over 10" tall and includes a 12" tall staff accessory. The Pollen Kaiser Black Edition will be available for $165.00 each.

Paul Kaiju TAG 3
Paul Kaiju TAG 1

Rotobox’s Ghost In The Shell

Rotobox Ghost in the Shell 1

Spencer Ong (Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica) has revealed Rotobox's latest custom. This is a one-off piece based on the anime Ghost in the Shell. It's the character Motoko Kusanagi customized using Rotobox's Celsius vinyl...and from what we can's not available to purchase.

Rotobox Ghost in the Shell 2

Bob Conge’s Solo Show Customs

Plaseebo Zombie Night Gamer 1
Plaseebo Zombie Night Gamer 2

So...if you missed Bob Conge's (Plaseebo) show opening at Phillips Gallery this past Saturday, here are a few customs that you probably didn't see.

Plaseebo Skullo slug 2
Plaseebo Skullo slug 1

The "Zombie Night Gamer" (top) features an exposed LED powered brain and a belly bag filled with slime and glow-in-the-dark guts. The "Skulloctopus Slug" (above) features a new, larger body and arms that are sculpt in translucent roto-cast resin. And, of course, there's the "Alien Night Gamer" mash up (pictured below).

Plaseebo Alien Nightgamer 1
Plaseebo Alien Nightgamer 2

Please Forget Me Lapin

Lapin Please Forget Me 1

The newest petit lapin figure from mr clement is named Please Forget Me. The nearly 10" tall vinyl features three points of articulation (arms and neck). Each figure comes with a protest sign made of wood and paper.

Lapin Please Forget Me 2
Lapin Please Forget Me 3
Lapin Please Forget Me 4

Please Forget Me is available in three colorways: Black, White and Grey. The black colorway is limited to a run of 200 pieces, while the other two are larger 500 piece runs. Look for each figure to retail around $95.00.

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Lapin Please Forget Me 5

Tomenosuke Celebrates 6 Years with 3 Exclusive Releases

Tomenosuke Porcelain Kosplay

On September 29th 2012, Tomenosuke will be marking their 6 year anniversary. In celebration, three exclusive pieces will be released. The first (pictured above), is the Porcelain Kosplay by Ajee + k.olin tribu. It's an edition size of 6 pieces and will sell for $970.00 each. The Kosplay figure will go up on sale at 12:10AM JST on September 30th (11:10AM ET on September 29th).

Tomenosuke Rovno Warrior 1
Tomenosuke Rovno Warrior 2

Secondly, this exclusive version of Gary Baseman's Rovno Warrior will be a limited run of 99 pieces. It will run $150.00, and - if ordered in North America - be shipped domestically from Oregon (that means you'll save some on shipping). The Rovno Warrior will be released at 12:05AM JST on September 30th (11:05AM ET on September 29th).

Tomenosuke Cap Duck Mouse 1
Tomenosuke Cap Duck Mouse 2

And lastly, Taiwanese artist Shon's handmade resin figure Cap Duck Mouse will be released at 12:00AM (midnight) JST on September 30th (11:00AM ET on September 29th). This limited edition of 12 pieces will sell for $240.00 each.

Dudebox x Pete Fowler – Dai Ocean

Dudebox Pete Fowler 1

Dudebox has announced the first figure from Pete Fowler's ‘Design a Fiend’ series. Dai Ocean is the newest arrival on Monsterism Island. "A seafaring adventurer, originally from Tiger Bay and now a resident of Marina Del Ray, brings a touch of mysterious cool as he comes ashore sporting his trademark sunglasses."

Dai Ocean measures in at 5" tall and is a limited edition of 300 vinyl figures. It's now available for pre-order over at the USA Dudebox Store for $25.00. Dai will be released at New York Comic Con on October 11th 2012 at the Dudebox Booth #2915.

Dudebox Pete Fowler 2