Lunartik’s Chari-Tea Auction 2010

lunartiuk chari tea

Lunartik's Chari-Tea Auction 2010 + Custom Tea Tour at the Kidrobot Store in London is almost here. These Custom Teas have been traveling the globe since 2009 and have finally come to rest at the Kidrobot Store in London...for the last time.

And you can own your favorite Custom Tea by bidding on them in the Chari-Tea Auction. There is no reserve on any customs, and the bidding begins on Friday October 15th 2010.

50% of all proceeds goes to NSPCC Children's Charity.
25% split between the Artists
25% to go into the Mini Custom Tea Tour coming in 2011

Custom Teas Artists:
Pete Fowler - Matt JOnes - Okkle - Dust - Mr Scruff - Jon Burgerman - Farkfx - Ayako Takagi - Jefff - Rich:Art - Cris Rose - Lukas Gulcher - Kenn Munk - Sneaky Raccoon -Veggiesomething - Tortoy - Teodoru Badiu - woolloomooloo - Graham Powell - Eine - Jo Gough - Ian Stevenson - Phil Corbett - Lou Pimental - Caitlin Ashford - Doktor A - Phil T Hunter - Burnhead Studio - Anker - Crom - Tado - Toaster - Sichi & Triclops.

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