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Plastic and Plush @ SDCC ’07


If I timed this correctly, the floodgates at San Diego Comic Con will be opening up the moment this post appears on the site.  Preview Night is usually the craziest time (other than maybe Saturday) because everyone is rushing to get those limited edition exclusives.

Be on the lookout over the past few days, because we will be posting all of our coverage - as it happens - on Plastic and Plush!

Soopa Coin-Up Bros.


Erick Scarecrow has sent this sneak peek of his Soopa Coin-Up Bros. vinyl figure.  It'll be on display at the DKE Toys booth (#4832) at San Diego Comic Con.  Hmm...for some reason I am going to guess that this has something to do with retro 80's video games.  Just a guess, though.

Max Toy Company Exclusives and Premieres

Max Toy Company is set to reveal a number of exclusives (and premieres) at San Diego Comic Con.  Here's a handy-dandy list for you to check out...what you will you be picking up?

1) Premiere Angry Red Alien Xam ($50.00 each)


2) SDCC Glow Alien Xam with painted Eye ($50.00 each)


3) SDCC Edward Polka Dot ($45.00 each)


4) Random Edwards ($45.00 each)
They have Red (sold out), Glow and White in very limited quantities, so they might not be able to sell you all three.  They're randomly selected (like blind box style).


5) SDCC Baby Xam and Baby Maxx - mini clear red figure ($40.00 for a set of two)


6) Premiere Eyezon - normal paint version ($50.00 each)


7) Premiere Eyezon - glow in dark version ($50.00 each)


8) Balbagon print ($50.00 each) 6x12 inches and only 11 available


...Plus a number tees...


Cameron Tiede’s 13 Tomodachi


Cameron Tiede's "13 Tomodachi" ("friends" in japanese) art toys will be released at the San Diego Comic Con.  There will be 100 of each toy available.  Series one includes 4 figures - Edgar, Oswald, Rooofus and Agatha - and will be available at the Toy Tokyo booth (#5335).

Cameron will be there signing at the following times:

Thursday 3PM to 4PM
Friday 4:30PM to 5:30PM
Saturday Noon to 1PM

Sam Fout at SDCC


Sam Fout will be releasing his new Star Wars print titled 'The Don' at the Acme Archives booth #5529. He'll be signing both SW prints Friday from 3PM to 4PM.  It's limited to 350 prints and will run $95 each. (It'll be available at after the Con)

Sam will also be at the Toyqube booth on Friday and Saturday from 4PM to 5PM signing for the KANIZA platform party release.  Also look for the product sample of Sam's new Lemon Lime vinyl figure, which is due out this Fall.

Also...check out his Neptoon blog to win a hand-painted Project:Neptoon vinyl.  It should go live in the next day or so.

Plaseebo Custom SDCC Exclusives

Plaseebo Custom will offer 2 super limited SDCC Plaseebo Custom/Toy Tokyo Exclusive Editions.  These will be available at the Toy Tokyo booth at Comic Con.


"Red Head"
(Hand painted with fumed glass eyes) 8" prone - 5" high seated
Limited Edition of 10 pieces Worldwide


"Ol Blue Eyes"
(Hand painted blue glow in dark vinyl)  8" prone - 5" high seated
Limited Edition of 10 pieces Worldwide

20 Qwezshuns by Attaboy


The first 10 of 20 hand-painted, resin cast art figures of Qwezshun, the Axtrx's misunderstood big brother, will be available from Attaboy at Comic Con.  The remaining 10 will be available to the internet buying public on August 1st.

Each set will include:
-handmade wooden box made by Because We Can
-it's own corresponding # cut thru the box!
-a specially designed display stand inside
-a lid, hand painted by Atta with hand painted message on the bottom
-stacking base

Each figure is different, very rare and special, limit 1 per person.  At the Attaboy/Hifructose Booth at SanDiego ComicCon!


Wundurra the Eco-Playtpus at Comic Con


Rocket World will be dropping the I.W.G.'s Wundurra the
at Comic Con.  It'll be available starting on Preview Night (Wednesday July 25th) at Booth #4733.  The serial numbered special edition figure will be limited to a run of 100 pieces and will retail for $40.  So, bring two Andrew Jackson's...or bring one Ulysses S. Grant and get back an Alexander Hamilton. 

Murphy Designs Art Books at SDCC


Murphy Design Art Books will be presenting 15 high-quality art book titles at Comic Con International.  Visit Mark Murphy at Booth #4933 and check out two new book releases including two new releases: Brandon Boyd's From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss and Jeff Soto's Lucky Thirteen Calendar and Zine package limited to 1,500 signed copies.  If you stop by you will receive a limited edition art card for Ray Caesar and the new Murphy Design Art Book catalog.

STRANGEco Booth Schedule


STRANGEco has revealed one of their previously secret Comic Con Exclusives - Dean Bradley's exclusive Mainframe figure.  They also have let it known what their signing schedule will look like.  So, if you are into getting your items endorsed by some of today's to artists...check out the following list:

Thursday - Noon to 1PM - Simone Legno of tokidoki
His first signing for the show, featuring an exclusive toy set from STRANGEco!

Friday - Noon to 1PM - Dean Bradley
The world premiere of his iconic MAINFRAME vinyl figures, including a special release of the "Night Rider" camo edition.

Saturday - Noon to 1PM - Bob Dob

So Cal Artist Bob Dob will be signing the new LUEY vinyl figure, which
is making a bit of a splash hither and yon. They'll also have a special
limited-edition print, too.