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September 2012 NOTM: Magma Ninja

Shawnimals NOTM12 Magma 1

Shawnimals has promised a "real scorcher" for their September 2012 Ninja of the Month. The Magma Ninja will be released on Wednesday September 5th 2012 at 1:00PM CT. While I thought the special feature was snazzy fishnet stocking, it's actually a crackly 'magma' body.

Shawnimals NOTM12 Magma 2

This handmade 7" x 7" plush Ninja is limited to a run of 100 pieces. Each one comes with a signed and numbered fancy hang tag, character sticker and character button. You can pick one up for $30.00.

Shawnimals NOTM12 Magma 3

Shawnimals’ Pocket Plush

Shawnimals Pocket Leggy

Shawnimals have released two new (classic), handmade Pocket Plush - Pocket Stumpy and Pocket Leggy. They're currently available to purchase over at Shawnimals webstore for $12.00 each.

Shawnimals Pocket Stumpy

August 2012 NOTM: Animal Spirit Ninja

notm12 8 front

Shawnimals has announced the July 2012 Ninja of the Month: Animal Spirit Ninja. Each plush comes with a removable animal hood with built-in claws, a character sticker and a character button. These will be released on Wednesday August 1st 2012 at 1:00PM CT.

notm12 8 buttonsticker

From the tag:

"Legend tells of a feral, kibble-loving ninja roaming wild just inside the dense walls of the Dark Forest. Animal Spirit howls and growls ferociously each and every night. Evil? Definitely not, yet outside of being a disciple of Sprout Ninja its animalistic intentions aren’t fully known."

Each 7" x 7" plush Ninja (100 pieces) is available for $30.00.

notm12 8 tail
notm12 8 mask

July 2012 NOTM: Pink Ninja

Pink Ninja NOTM July12 1

Shawnimals has announced that the new Ninja of the Month for July 2012 is the Pink Ninja will go on sale on Monday July 9th 2012 at 1:00PM CT. Limited to 100 handmade pieces, the 7" tall plush will run $30.00 and include a hard candy ammo sling with ammo.

From the tag:

"Did you know some ninjas can be quite girlie? It's true! But that's hardly a bad thing. In fact, Pink Ninja has some of the most advanced skills in Ninjatown, specializing in the sacred candy arts, creating things like Bubbloons, hard-candy shurikens, and Sugar-Blams just to name a few."

Pink Ninja NOTM July12 2

June 2012 NOTM – Sandstorm Ninja

notm12 6 friend

"There’s a gritty storm a-brewin’ on the horizon in the shape of a mysterious, scarfed Ninja. Some say he’s impervious to heat, and can turn into a giant, swirling dust cloud. Whatever you do, though, just don’t call him Sandy... cuz that’s his cactus buddy’s name."

Shawnimals has introduced the Ninja of the Month for June 2012 - Sandstorm Ninja. Available today (Wednesday June 6th 2012) at 1:00PM CDT, the 7" x 7" plush will be limited to 100 pieces and sell for $30.00. Each Ninja includes a character sticker, button and special accessories - Cactus Buddy and weather scarf.

Pocket Pork Dumplings – Rainbow Takeout

Shawnimals ppd Rainbow 1

Shawnimals has released their newest handmade, grab-bag-style plush project Pocket Pork Dumplings - Rainbow Takeout. Each order includes three randomly-picked 2-inch wide mini plush dumplings in a variety of colors and textures packed in a labeled takeout box. Oh...and there's a fortune in every box.

You can pick up a Rainbow Takeout for $18.00 each (3-pack).

Shawnimals ppd Rainbow 2

Remmy Ninja from Shawnimals

Shawnimals Remmy 1

Shawnimals is releasing Remmy in plush form. If you don't know the story of how Shawn Smith's dog Remmy was attacked by a pair of off-leash can check it out here.

From the tag:

"Remmy our amazing dog and Shawnimals mascot was badly attacked by two dogs and barely survived. With lots of care, luck and ninja skills she is healing! We dedicate this all-new handmade plush to her, with proceeds going to her ongoing care, and to help build the upcoming Logan Square Dog Park in our neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago."

These will be available on Wednesday May 2nd 2012 at 2:00PM ET. This handmade plush will run $20.00, with Shawnimals donating 25% of each sale to help fund the Logan Square Dog Park.

Shawnimals Remmy 2
Shawnimals Remmy 3

May 2012 NOTM: Summer Ninja

NotM Summer 1

On Wednesday May 2nd 2012 at 2:00PM ET, Shawnimals will be releasing their May 2012 Ninja of the Month plush. And I guess it's never too early May will bring Summer Ninja.

NotM Summer 4

From the tag:

"This fair-weather Ninja celebrates everything that comes along with warm weather and sunshine, and utilizes those very things as delicious but deadly ninja weaponry! Popsicle-chucks, sprinkle spikes, and ice cream slicks are perfect choices for a whole new kind of snack attack..."

This limited edition (100 pieces) handmade 7" x 7" plush runs $30.00 and includes a Flower sash, Popsicle-chucks, a character sticker, and a character button.

NotM Summer 3
NotM Summer 2

Shawnimals at C2E2

Shawnimals will be in attendance at 2012 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2). Taking place from April 13th to 15th, Shawnimals creator - Shawn "Shawnimal" Smith - will be at the booth (#650) on Friday and Sunday.

Of course, they'll have a number of exclusives for the show, including:

shawnimals c2e212 pork eyes

Pork & Bean C2E2 Show Exclusive
Randomly packed with either eyes (Pork) or without eyes (Bean).
Limited to 50 pieces - $12.99 each

shawnimals c2e212 pocketstaches

Pocket Staches
$12.00 each

shawnimals c2e212 orange stache


shawnimals c2e212 pocketplush

El Tornado and Junky Trunky
$12.00 each

April 2012 NOTM: Eel Ninja

NotM12 4 front

Shawnimals has announced their April 2012 Ninja of the Month - Eel Ninja. This one will be available on Wednesday April 4th 2012 starting at 1:00PM CDT. For $30.00, you'll get one of a limited edition of 100 pieces. The Eel Ninja features "amazing, aerodynamic fins", a character sticker and a character button.

NotM12 4 buttonsticker

From the tag:

"This streamlined aquatic master of stealth reveals two very important things: First, Aqua Ninjas have a leader and he is stunning, mysterious and slippery. Second, any water-based Ninja is a direct descendant of... Hydroshi the Sea Slug?! Ninjatown has many amazing secrets!"

NotM12 4 tag
NotM12 4 fin2