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Shawnimals have announced Legends of Ninjatown. On Wednesday December 5th 2012 at 1:00PM Central, they'll begin taking pre-orders for 5-pack Legends of Ninjatown - Ninjatown Squads: Forest, Fire, Snow, Aqua, and Spirit. The bundle features all 5 Squads as well as a special edition, signed giclee print and will be priced at $80.00 plus shipping.

Each pack contains:

• 5" Pocket Ninja plush with its Squad symbol emblazoned on its chest
• Two-sided card: One side with an artful scene from the Squad, the other with important information on that Squad
• Membership card with Legends of Ninjatown info on one side and blank space on the other for you to fill in
• 1" button featuring that Apprentice, proudly displaying the Squad's symbol

Shawnimals LONT print

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