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Oliver Bootlegs Dolls (specifically…Shawnimals)

Oliver Bootleg Ninjas 1

We've written about Oliver Ocampo before. His Oliver Makes Dolls site had some rather interesting handmade plush designs. Apparently, original ideas are hard to find in the world of Oliver, as since that time...he's decided to simply bootleg other artists' designs.

Oliver Bootleg Ninjas 3

It's somewhat amusing (although I'm sure not at all amusing for Shawn Smith and Shawnimals), but you can see how he progressed from "sorta" copying Ninjatown designs to just downright bootlegging them. Although Oliver says that "patterns created by and for Oliver Makes Dolls are done with the help of inspirations and designs".

Oliver Bootleg Ninjas 2

It's just shameful to attempt to pass off other artists' ideas and hard work as your own. I've covered stories like this often, and I still don't understand how someone believes they can get away with copying another artist's work. Oh...and Oliver Makes Dolls runs "plush making workshops". I'd suggest a catchier name...something along the lines of "Bootleg Bonanza 3". 

March 2012 NOTM: Galaxy Ninja

NotM12 3 front

The March 2012 Ninja of the Month has been revealed. Galaxy Ninja will be the newest NotM from Shawnimals, being released on Wednesday March 7th 2012 at 1:00PM CST.

NotM12 3 eyes

From the tag:

"Yet another Original Ninja has been revealed! This time, encompassing all that surrounds us. Space, the ether, bliss, you name it. Any Ninja that studies the spiritual, looks toward Galaxy Ninja for important teachings on daily life, meditation, and otherworldly fighting techniques."

Every 7" x 7" plush (limited edition of 100) includes a character sticker, character button, and a "Meteor full of star dust". All for $30.00.

NotM12 3 buttonsticker

February 2012 NOTM: Dumpling Ninja

NotM12 2 front

The February 2012 Ninja of the Month - from Shawnimals - will be released on Wednesday February 1st 2012 at 1:00PM CST. This month, the NOTM is the Dumpling Ninja.

NotM12 2 back
NotM12 2 porkpet

From the tag:
"At first we were scared the Ninjas were eating these dumplings but it turns out they simply work at a dumpling pet shop! Phew. Dumpling Ninja tends to all of the various domesticated dumplings, and helps find the perfect match for any friendly ninja who walks through the door."

For $30.00, you'll get this 7" x 7" plush Ninja limited to 100 pieces, a character sticker and a character button...oh and the special feature - that little dumpling.

NotM12 2 buttonsticker

January 2012 NOTM: Action Ninja

NOTM Action Ninja 1

Available on Wednesday January 11th 2012 at 1:00PM CST, Shawnimals will release the first Ninja of the Month plush of 2012. Action Ninja, your ninja news anchor, will be limited to only 100 pieces. For $30.00, you'll receive the 7" plush, the clip-on tie, microphone and that fine hairdo.

NOTM Action Ninja 2

"This finely coiffed Ninja has the scoop on everything in and around Ninjatown. He’ll mesmerize you with his monotone voice and ability to switch between politics, economics and human interest without skipping a beat. Legend tells of his stylish clip-on tie doubling as a secret weapon!"

NOTM Action Ninja 3

Shawnimals’ Ninja Builder

ninja builder 1
ninja builder 4

Shawnimals has announced a brand new App available through iTunes. Ninja Builder is a free app, although there are plenty of downloadable content packs available for $0.99 each.

Ninja Builder allows you to customize your very own ninja with a variety of body colors, accessories, foods, weapons and more! Once you’re done, save your creation and show it off on Twitter, Facebook, or simply export it to your photos to be used as a device background. Are you ninja enough?

ninja builder 2
ninja builder 3

NOTM: Feroshi the Dino Slug

NOTM Feroshi 1

Feroshi the Dino Slug is the last Ninja of the Month for 2011. Shawnimals will be releasing this plush on Wednesday December 7th 2011 at 1:00PM CST.

"Who ever will save Ninjatown in its darkest hour?! Feroshi the Dino Slug, of course! But not because he’s really that noble. Instead, it’s because the Ninjas haven’t dropped by lately with the usual sweet offerings, and this simply does not work for Feroshi. Like, at all."

For only $30.00, you can pick up a 7" x 7" plush Feroshi that's limited to 100 pieces. Each plush includes three sweet and spicy wasabi puffs, a character sticker, and a character button.

NOTM Feroshi 3
NOTM Feroshi 2

Shawnimals NOTM: Zombie Ninja

notm zombie ninja 1

On Wednesday November 2nd 2011 at 1:00PM CT, Shawnimals will be releasing a new Ninja of the Month - Zombie Ninja.

notm zombie ninja 2

"Something evil and stumbly emerges from the Dark Forest! Something the Wee Ninjas have nicknamed “Ol’ Chunky”. We can’t help but feel a little bad for this Zombie, and his endearing lack of basic motor skills. Look how he keeps bumping into that tree! Aw, so clumsy and cute..."

For $30.00, you get one of a limited run of 100 plush Ninjas, a character sticker and a character button.

notm zombie ninja 3

Ninjatown Release and Signing Tour

kidrobot ninjatown signing 1

Ninjatown master, Shawnimals, will be hitting Kidrobot shops on both coasts for a soft and cuddly signing tour. Shawn Smith will be celebrating his new line of plush Ninjas in New York on Wednesday, November 2nd 2011 and San Francisco on Thursday, November 3rd 2011. Both events will run from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.

kidrobot ninjatown signing 2

Kidrobot x Shawnimals Ninjatown Plush Capsule

Shawnimals Plush Ninjatown 1

Kidrobot and Shawnimals are teaming up to release a new Ninjatown Plush capsule line. The ninjas range from 4-inch (pocket size) to 14-inch (big). Capsule includes Big Wee Ninja (14-inch), Wee Ninja (9-inch), and 4-inch Pocket Wee Ninja, Pocket Zombie Ninja, Pocket Business Ninja, Pocket Aqua Ninja and Pocket Super Ninja.

Look for them to be released on November 3rd 2011. Retail prices will be around $29.95 (Big Wee Ninja), $17.95 (Wee Ninja) and $9.95 (Pocket Ninjas).

Shawnimals Plush Ninjatown 2
Shawnimals Plush Ninjatown 3

Shawnimals’ NOTM – Mastermind Ninja

notm10 front

Shawnimals' Ninja of the Month for the month of October 2011 is the Mastermind Ninja. The handmade 7" x 7" plush is limited to 100 pieces, selling for $30.00 each. Each Mastermind Ninja includes a signed and numbered fancy hang tag, Mr. Demon bling, a pet Lumpbox, a character sticker, and a character button.

notm10 lumpbox

This Ninja of the Month is available beginning today (Wednesday October 5th 2011) at 1:00PM CT.

"We're not sure what went to this ninja's head first—the power or the cookies.Whatever it was, something transformed him into a criminal mastermind, determined to gain control of Ninjatown from the inside out. Thing is, who's he really doing it for? Mr. Demon... or himself?"

notm10 mask