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Jamungo GERM s002

Playge has announced the release of their Squadt GERM s002 [BORN WRONG]. Unlike some of the more limited edition releases, this one will be available at retailers.

The GERM s002 [BORN WRONG] includes: Jacket with integrated hoodie; sM4 with removable suppressor and sniper scope; sMK23 with removable suppressor; 2 tanto knives; 2.0 articulated and 'classic' arms; Removable helmet.'s pretty well-loaded. These should be available now at retailers for around $95.00.

SQUADT fr0g s001 and K11 SPOT [SWAMP DWLLR]

Playge fr0g s001

The SQUADT fr0g s001 and K11 SPOT [SWAMP DWLLR] set is slated to be released on Monday March 5th 2012 at Noon Central Time via the Squadt Store. The fr0g s001 includes a wetsuit, tanks, flippers, spear gun, sMP5, tanto knife, 2.0 articulated and 'classic' arms and removable helmet. The K11 spot includes a wetsuit with pouches, flippers, and removable helmet. This edition of 200 pieces will sell for $115.00 (includes shipping).

Playge k11 spotSD


NKD nozzel retail multi

Playge has announced their NKD NOZZEL s00? retailer releases. The NKD NOZZEL is a 6" vinyl that Includes 3 sets of eye lenses, 2.0 arms (not shown here) union suit with not so hidden tanto knife and a removable helmet.

Additionally, the QPMNT PAC 5 includes a zip-up hoodie, duffel bag, homemade pistol, pipe bom, and silver lenses. And the QPMNT PAC 6 includes a FB shirt, Scarf, sM4 with scope/supressor, sling bag and FB patch.

NKD nozzel retail multi qpmnt pac 6
NKD nozzel retail multi fr33dom

SQUADT GERM s001 Release

squadt germ 2

The SQUADT GERM s001 will go up for sale on Monday October 31st 2011 at 12:00 Noon Central. The 6" tall piece is made of vinyl, ABS and cloth. It includes a suit and tie, nylon sling bag, .50 sniper rifle with scope and operable bi-pod, sMK23 'sqocom' pistol, 2.0 articulated and 'classic' arms and removable helmet. The SQUADT GERM s001 is an edition of 200 pieces and will be priced at $95.00 (including shipping).

squadt germ 1

Playge Stainless Sqube Pre-Order

stainless sqube 1

Playge will be releasing this 2" x 2" x 2" Stainless Sqube for pre-order. The pre-order starts today (Monday October 3rd 2011) at Noon Central Time. The Stainless Sqube is a limited edition of only 50 pieces, running $165.00 each.

stainless sqube 2

NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole]

squadt frozn nozzel

Playge has announced their retailer release - NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole]. This 6-inch tall figure is made of vinyl, ABS and cloth. It includes a sqocom sMK23 pistol with removable laser and suppressor, sUMP with red dot scope, 3 dot pattern arctic parka with fur lined hood, two sets of arms, and a removable helmet. Keep an eye out for them to begin hitting your favorite retailer.


playge squadt gassed s004

The newest Project Squadt figure will be released on Tuesday July 5th 2011 at 12:00 Noon Central Time. The GASSED S004 [FROZN WHOLE] figure will be limited to a run of 200 pieces. The 6" tall vinyl includes two sets of arms, an SM4 with removable scope and suppressor, nylon shell hooded jacket with 3dot pattern, and a removable helmet. Pick one up for $85.00, which includes shipping.

Trouble Boys No. 10 [Hatchet]

squadt trouble boys

On Monday May 9th 2011, Playge will release the Trouble Boys No. 10 [Hatchet] from Brandt Peters x FERG. The figure will be released at 12:00 Noon Central Time through the Project Squadt Store.

This version is limited to 250 pieces. The 6" tall vinyl includes a 3 piece suit and tie, 2 axes, 2 sets of arms, 2 sets of lenses (black/amber), removable stove-pipe hat and helmet. It's priced at $85.00, including worldwide shipping via FEDEX or EMS

Clear Orange Sqube

playge orange sqube 1

Playge will be releasing their Clear Orange Sqube on Monday April 18th 2011 at Noon Central. This 4"x4"x4" ABS plastic Sqube will be a limited edition of 100 pieces. You'll be able to pick one up for $50.00 (international shipping included).

playge orange sqube 2

Trouble Boys No. 45 [Scram] – Retail Edition

playge scram 2

The retailer version of the Trouble Boys No. 45 [Scram] by Brandt Peters x Ferg should begin hitting retailers very soon. This 6" tall figure features vinyl, ABS and cloth parts. It includes a three piece suit and tie, .45 pistol, two sets of arms, extra amber eye lenses, removable fedora hat and helmet.

playge scram 1