FERG GOHSTSKULL – Playge Version Pin

You can now pick up the new FERG GOHSTSKULL [Playge Version] Pin, available via the Playge Store. The 1.5-inch tall lime green pin is an edition of 50 carded pieces.  It’s a … Read More

Young Gohst Pins

Playge has released two new pins – the Young Gohst Pins in Pink and Green Versions. Each 1.5-inch pin will be limited to an edition of 50 pieces, each one being carded, signed, and numbered. These soft enamel pins each have one post and run $15.00 shipped in the US ($5.00 extra for international shipping).

SQUADT GASSED S001-20 [20 Inch Squadt]

Playge and artist Ferg have announced the release of the SQUADT GASSED S001-20 [20 Inch Squadt]. Based on the design of the original 6-inch Gassed S001, this 20-inch tall monster features … Read More

Two New Playge Pins

Playge has released a pair of new 1.5-inch pins. The GASSED S002 LAUNCH PARTY PINS (pictured above) is an edition of 100 pieces. The CHIPP S003 HALLOWEEN SKELSUIT PINS – ALT VERSION … Read More


Playge and Ferg have announced the new NOZZEL s005 [PEACE F*CKER] figure, which will be released for pre-order over at Rotofugi beginning at 10:59AM on December 1st 2016. Each 6-inch tall … Read More


Playge has announced that their partnership between with ThreeZero has ended amicably. Going forward, Squadts will be produced by a partnership between with Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi, still under the Playge umbrella. Today, … Read More

NOZZEL S001 Lapel Pin

Over at the Playge store, they’re offering up the NOZZEL S001 Lapel Pin…for those who enjoy wearing pins on their lapels…or those who even know what a lapel is. The … Read More

GASSED S001 Lapel Pin

You can pick up the new GASSED S001 Lapel Pin over at the Playge Store. The 1.5-inch soft enamel pin with two posts is an edition of 100 pieces. It’s available to … Read More

JACK S005 [3507-n] aka [u-LOSE]

Playge has announced that the Halloween-themed JACK S005 [3507-n] aka [u-LOSE] will be released via a 36 hour open order period beginning on Friday October 30th 2015 at Noon CT and closing … Read More

GOHST S001.50 Release

This coming Monday (August 24th 2015) at Noon CT, the Project Squadt Store will be taking orders for the GOHST S001.50 collectible figure. This 3.5-inch tall vinyl figure will be an … Read More


Playge has announced the release of the GASSED S005 [FORT BURNOUT – JNGL] retailer edition. Available for preorder now the GASSED S005 6inch vinyl includes a modular tactical vest with removable pouches, machete with … Read More

Tongueless Gohst S001 [Fort Burnout – Jngl]

The Tongueless Gohst S001 [Fort Burnout – Jngl] version will be released today (Monday April 13th 2015) at Noon CT at http://store.projectsquadt.com. This version is an edition of 225 pieces. The 6″ vinyl … Read More

Chipp and Jack .50 [Die F*ckers] Set

Playge has announced that the new Chipp and Jack .50 [Die F*ckers] set should be available to pre-order via your favorite designer toy shop. The 3.5-inch tall Chipp and Jack are … Read More

NOZZEL S001.50 Timed Release

The NOZZEL S001.50 will be available via a time opened release (24 hour order period) beginning Monday, January 12th 2014 at Noon Central Time.  The NOZZEL S001.50 3.5″ vinyl figure includes two sets … Read More

Playge Doctor S004 [Grackle]

On Halloween – Friday October 31st 2014 – at Noon CT, ProjectSquadt.com will release the Playge Doctor S004 [Grackle] will be released for pre-order. The 6-inch tall figure includes clear grey … Read More