Playge SDCC Misfortune Cat

Playge will have a number of exclusives at this year's San Diego Comic Con. The SDCC Misfortune Cat will be available at the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi Booth #5248 beginning preview night. It will be an edition of 100 pieces, selling for $120.00 each.

Playge SDCC I Got Worms

The SDCC Young Gohst 'I Got Worms' is a collaboration with Grody Shogun. Running $45.00 each, it will be available at the Lulubell Booth #5045.

Playge SDCC Gohsteds

And the SDCC Painted Gohsteds will be available for $40.00 each (ask Ferg for availability). He will be signing at Rotofugi on Friday at 3PM and at Lulubell (with Luke Rook aka Grody Shogun) on Saturday at 11AM.

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