Tokoji’s Friend Dave

Cometdebris has announced the release of another Dave vinyl figure by Sun-Min and David Horvath. The Tokoji’s Friend Dave is cast in blue vinyl featuring metallic purple and black sprays … Read More

Tokoji Seijin and his friend Dave

Cometdebris will be releasing their Tokoji Seijin and his friend Dave, by Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath, on Saturday December 3rd 2011 at 8:00PM PT. Tokoji is cast in clear … Read More

My Friend Dave

My Friend Dave is the new Japanese-made vinyl figure created by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim and produced by INTHEYELLOW. The figure will be released at shows this fall (we’ll provide more details closer to them). Rather than being a…

Helper x Rangeas

intheyellow has released news of the Tim Biskup x T9G collab. These clear grape flavored vinyl figures are Project 1/6 Exclusive versions. So which is your favorite? Biskup’s Rangeas or T9G’s Helper?

KFGU: Baseman’s ChouChou

The newest addition to the Kaiju For Grown-Ups line from intheyellow is Gary Baseman’s ChouChou. I swiped the above photo from Kuso Designer Toys, who currently has the figure available for pre-order. It’s limited to a run of 150 pieces….