Masks. Muscles. Mayhem. Mexican Luchadores and a new premium-grade action figure line are among the highlights as DC Collectibles has announced the DC ¡LUCHA EXPLOSIVA! series. This unique, new line blends … Read More

1:6 Scale Supergirl

On February 18th, DC Direct will release their 1:6 scale version of Kara Zor-El, the most iconic version of Supergirl. Included, as a must-have accessory, is her feline counterpart – Streaky the Supercat. Look for it to retail around $89.99.

1:6 Scale The Flash: Golden Age

DC Direct has announced a July release of their Golden Age Jay Garrick, the original The Flash. He is portrayed in their 1:6 scale deluxe collector figure line and dressed in an intricate and authentically detailed costume, including a chrome-plated…

1:6 Scale V For Vendetta Figure

DC Direct announced the upcoming release (June 24, 2009) of the 1:6 scale V figure from V for Vendetta. The piece is dressed in the intricate and authentically detailed costume from the film adaptation of the classic comic, V displays…

1:6 Scale Black Canary

DC Direct is showing off their 1:6 scale Black Canary figure. The figure “includes a special interchangeable head that captures her in the midst of her sonic scream. Dressed in her intricate and authentically detailed trademark outfit of fishnet stockings,…