Micro Tuttz Resin Release

Now available in the Argonaut Resins Online Store are the micro versions of the popular Tuttz Cat and Pharaoh Hounds resin collectibles. The micro Tuttz cat measures 2 inches tall (the Hound is 2.75 inches tall) and will be sold in two packs with a few color combos bagged including a signed header card (by artist Eric Nocella Diaz). All of these new tiny figurines are 3D printed by the artist and will sell for $6.00 each plus shipping and handling in the US.

Halcon Falcon Series 4

Argonaut Resins will be releasing the Halcon Falcon Series 4 birds will be releasing today (January 24th 2017) at 9PM EST. This all new wave of 2.75-inch tall resin cast falcons will feature some blue, green, turquoise, and purple colors

Holiday Halcon Falcon Series

  Argonaut Resins still has a handful of their Holiday Halcon Falcon Series available. The 2.75 inch resin cast birds are available in some red, orange and purple clear tints. The Falcons are numbered … Read More

Argonaut Resins’ Halcon Falcon Series 2

Argonaut Resins has announced the release of the Halcon Falcon Series 2 resin birds. They’ll be released in an all new blind boxed edition of 10 pieces. The wave will include some black Maltese … Read More

Gato Muerto Tuttz Spooky Cat Pins

The Gato Muerto Tuttz Spooky Cat 1.5-inch lapel pins are now available in the Argonaut Resins online store. The pin is limited to 100 pieces and will ship in the … Read More

GatoMuerto Pin

Argonaut Resins has brought on Gorilla Bugs as a production partner, as they will begin producing metal lapel pins of the Tuttz characters. The first cat style out the gate is … Read More

NYCC16: Argonaut Resins x The Jelly Empire

Argonaut Resins will be at the New York Comic Con, sharing Booth #404 with The Jelly Empire. Joining them this year at the booth will be Xmoor Studios (Robert Garrett), … Read More

Tuttz World

Tuttz World is finally in full swing and Argonaut Resins has two new resins that will be 3D printed directly off of Eric Nocella Diaz’s 3D printer in limited colors. These … Read More

Argonaut Resins’ Stray Cats Tuttz

Argonaut Resins has made a few new clear-tint resin glitter and confetti infused Stray Cats available to collectors. These 3.5-inch Mini Tuttz are a red fleck and teal sparkly combo with silverish tails … Read More

Red Devil Cat Tuttz

Argonaut Resins has released the Red Devil Cat Tuttz in both OG 6.5-inch and mini 3.5-inch tall sizes. Both cats come with custom sculpted devil spade tails and are painted up … Read More

Pearl Eye Mariposa

The next wave of Pearl Eye Mariposa resin cast butterflies infused with glitter and confetti (sculpted, cast, painted and molded by artist Eric Nocella Diaz) are now available in the … Read More

The 6th Prince

Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins has updated us on his latest project – The 6th Prince. First up, I will finally tell the Tuttz cat story in comic book … Read More