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Dragonfly 2.0 Prototype

Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins has shared the 3-inch tall 3D printed prototype - done in a translucent clearish resin - for his all new Dragonfly 2.0 project. The wings do not come off and are not swappable like the earlier sold out seated Dragonfly 1.0 version. It's 3D modeled by Eric and printed and is headed to production for limited run resin cast editions. Colorways and pricing will be announced soon.

Dragonfly (2.0) Teaser

Eric Nocella Diaz from Argonaut Resins has shared this teaser image for an upcoming resin project that will feature his Dragonfly (2.0) figurines in a new pose and new style. Edition sizes, colorways, pricing, and scale info will be released in the near future (as well as some prototype photos). So stay tuned.

Spraycan Magnets Series 2

Now available in the Argonaut Resins online store are the all new resin cast blank Spraycan Magnets Series 2 for customizers. These bigger magnets measure 4.5 inches tall and have more space to customize than the sold out Series 1 sold (3.5-inch pieces). They are sold in sets of two pieces and are available in solid white or ghost clear versions. Each one features a strong magnetic strip attached to its back. They'll retail for $16.00 shipped in the US.

8-inch Tuttz Custom Yin Yang Cats #8 and #9


The 8-inch Tuttz Custom YinYang Cats #8 and #9 (out of 10 pieces) are now available in the Argonaut Resins online store. Custom painted by artist Eric Nocella Diaz, this edition size is only 10 pieces worldwide and there are only three left from the previous sales. Each cat comes signed and numbered on it's bottom and will include one matching extreme relief cat head resin cast magnet, a signed and numbered story card certificate of authenticity, and one original hand drawn Tuttz 3.5-inch by 5.5-inch sketch card on a heavy board.

The 8 inch Tuttz custom Yin Yang cats can be purchased for $150.00 shipped in the USA.


Micro Tuttz Resin Release

Now available in the Argonaut Resins Online Store are the micro versions of the popular Tuttz Cat and Pharaoh Hounds resin collectibles. The micro Tuttz cat measures 2 inches tall (the Hound is 2.75 inches tall) and will be sold in two packs with a few color combos bagged including a signed header card (by artist Eric Nocella Diaz). All of these new tiny figurines are 3D printed by the artist and will sell for $6.00 each plus shipping and handling in the US.


Halcon Falcon Series 4

Argonaut Resins will be releasing the Halcon Falcon Series 4 birds will be releasing today (January 24th 2017) at 9PM EST. This all new wave of 2.75-inch tall resin cast falcons will feature some blue, green, turquoise, and purple colors and will be signed and numbered on their bottoms and header cards by artist Eric Nocella Diaz. Series 4 will consist of 10 pieces and each Falcon will go for $30.00 shipped in the US.


Holiday Halcon Falcon Series


Argonaut Resins still has a handful of their Holiday Halcon Falcon Series available. The 2.75 inch resin cast birds are available in some red, orange and purple clear tints. The Falcons are numbered and signed on their bottoms and on the header cards by artist/creator Eric Nocella Diaz. They're currently available for $30.00 shipped in the US.

Argonaut Resins’ Halcon Falcon Series 2

Argonaut Resins has announced the release of the Halcon Falcon Series 2 resin birds. They'll be released in an all new blind boxed edition of 10 pieces. The wave will include some black Maltese Falcons, as well as a bunch of variants and chase figures. The 2.75-inch tall Falcons will sell for $30.00 shipped in the US.

Gato Muerto Tuttz Spooky Cat Pins


The Gato Muerto Tuttz Spooky Cat 1.5-inch lapel pins are now available in the Argonaut Resins online store. The pin is limited to 100 pieces and will ship in the US for $12.00. The pin art and backer card art are created and designed by artist Eric Nocella Diaz with pin production by Gorilla Bugs.


GatoMuerto Pin


Argonaut Resins has brought on Gorilla Bugs as a production partner, as they will begin producing metal lapel pins of the Tuttz characters. The first cat style out the gate is a 1.5-inch black and white GatoMuerto pin featuring the Tuttz cat wearing his spooky skeleton Halloween costume. These new pins will be available soon in the Argonaut Resins online store and will run $12.00 shipped in the US.