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El Diablo: Trick or Treat


Argonaut Resins has released a new sneak peek at another EL DIABLO resin from their upcoming limited Halloween release. As always, these will come with the usual goodies like the previous releases before this. Although, considering how much I like Halloween themed might just have to fight me for this little guy!

Stick Up Resin Prototype


Eric from Argonaut Resins has sent us these photos of the Argonaut and Gold Coin collab - Stick Up. The (obviously resin) figure stands 8" tall and features bendable limbs and a money bag accessory. These are designed by Ray "Three" Robinson III, sculpted by END (Eric Nocella) and produced by Argonaut Resins.


Bill Brawler Custom Kalua Moola


Argonaut Resins has revealed the the newest custom of Lord Mesa's Kalua Moola figure. This time, Rsin Art "throws his Bill Brawler into the ring and he's fighting for that penny, to pay dem bills!!!" This one-off figure is currently available through Argonaut's webshop for $148 (including shipping). It includes custom box artwork from both Lord Mesa and Rsin Art. (And it's my favorite custom Kalua Moola revealed to date)


Netzwerk Mohawk Kid Custom


The next custom Kalua Moola was revealed by Argonaut Resins. Netzwerk Mohawk Kid is now available for your purchasing pleasure. Customized by Daniel Goffin, this figure actually lights up. There's only one of them ($158), so by the time you read might be gone.


Lucha Moola Custom


DLuX has teamed up with Argonaut Resins on this one-off Kalua Moola custom. The Lucha Moola is painted up like a Mexican Luchador wrestler. This custom is currently available through Argonaut's online shop for $125.


O_Negative’s DESTROYER DEF CON Clear Tint Series


This Friday - September 18th - at 12 noon EST, O_Negative's DESTROYER DEF CON clear tint series will go on sale in the Argonaut Resins online store. The resin figures will go for $100 plus shipping each and will come with a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity by artist O_Negative and sculptor/ producer Eric Nocella Diaz, a sheer/velvet black containment bag and hand made custom box packaging. So set your alarm!


OsirisOrion’s Kalua Moola Custom


OsirisOrion's artist crossover series custom variant has hit the Argonaut Resins store. It uses Lord Mesa's Kalua Moola, which stands at 4" tall. The custom comes with 1 resin coin, a signed Certificate of
Authenticity by artist/designer Lord Mesa and sculptor/producer Eric
Nocella Diaz, and a custom package box with Lord Mesa's and
OsirisOrion's artwork. If you want to pick up this custom, it will run you $158 (including shipping).


DEF CON Packaging


Argonaut Resins has updated us with the new packaging design for O_Negative's Destroyer DEF CON resin figures. They should be releasing this series very soon, since it's a very low run piece. The packaging? It looks like it's about ready to explode!

Emily Beaulieu’s Kalua Moola Custom


Emily Beaulieu's Kalua Moola Artist Crossover Series Custom Variant is now available from Argonaut Resins. The piece stands 4" tall and comes with a resin coin, a signed Certificate of Authenticity by artist/designer Lord Mesa and sculptor/producer Eric Nocella Diaz, and a custom package box with Lord Mesa's and Emily Beaulieu's artwork.

Emily Beaulieu's Kalua Moola is available for $150 plus $8 shipping US. Only one so you better get on this!


Destroyer – Def Con Series


Coming soon from Argonaut Resins and O_Negative - the Destroyer DEF CON Series. This will be limited to only five the five above awesomely clear resin colors. 5 colors...5 levels of destruction.