DKE Toys is pleased to announce the DKE Plush Food Show opening on December 4th 2021 at Woot Bear in San Francisco, CA (opening reception taking place from 6PM through 9PM). DKE Toys founders Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks have opened the vaults of their personal toy archive. In 2006 Dov came home with a dozen plush donuts by plush designer Sewdorky. That was the genesis of a 10 year long journey of collecting food plush, curating STUFFED, a plush food show at Munky King in Los Angeles, and Sarah Jo being profiled by the LA Weekly as a plush food collector. More recently Sarah Jo curated a group show with Luke Chueh for Giant Robot called Let's Eat. Now, they are out of room and ready to share some of these pieces with the world. The show features hand made as well as factory made pieces from both Sarah Jo and Dov's personal collection and examples of food related items that were distributed by DKE Toys over a dozen years of toy distribution. The show contains work from over 30 different artists, including:

Anna Chambers, Crystal Bedford, Crystal Chesney-Thompson, Cutesy Poo Toys, Devilrobots, Erick Scarecrow, Fun Fun, Hey Cavey, Kate Sutton, Lazy Smash, Made with Love, Michelle Valigura, Miskellaneous, Mr Pickles, Mr Toast/Dan Goodsell, Nemu + Nemu, olive47, Planet Tokki, Sarah Flake - Flaky Friends, Sewdorky, Shawnimals, Slappy Moose Tree, Susuten, Sweet Meats, Unholy Foods, and many more...

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