Toybox, the 3D printer for kids of all ages, has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to provide folks the ability to print Warner Bros’ iconic and fan favorite IP characters. Toy Box fans will now be able to print items based on; DC, Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, Friends, Seinfeld, and classic movies such as Polar Express and Elf.

First, you'll need a Toybox printer (the starter bundle is on sale for $299.00). Then you will need different color filaments (Toybox calls them printer food), which range from $10 to $14 per spool. Then you'll need to purchase Toybox Bolts, an online currency unique to the Toybox platform, which will supply you the design and allow you to print at home. It looks like the Adventure Time characters run less than $10.00 each.

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