Tenacious Toys has announced a new drop with artist UNCLE - taking place at 11AM ET on Thursday October 22nd 2020. The Ghost Nebula series of customized Luke Chueh Ghostbear figures stand 3-inch tall and feature clear vinyl with small moons floating in the center and a signature half-figure paint application process developed by UNCLE. Limited to just 12 pieces, each one is handpainted and unique at $150.00 each.

And on Friday October 23rd 2020 at 11AM ET, Tenacious Toys will drop the Neutral Buoyancy series of customized Kidrobot Balloon Dunnys. These are 8-inch tall vinyl figures which feature a Dunny suspended over a weight. Based on a popular series of production toys from Kidrobot & Wendigo Toys, these 12 handpainted Dunnys are each unique with their depictions of colorful galaxies and nebulae. They are priced at $250.00 each.

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