On Saturday October 31st 2020, Argentina-based Camote Toys will be releasing a new toy - the MaBa Wari. The handmade resin collectibles feature handprinted details with acrylics. Measuring at 2.5 inches in height, the figure will be available in two versions - The Sacrificer and The Devourer. Each figure will be available for $20.00.

Artwork info:

The Wari culture was a pre-Columbian civilization of the Andean region of Peru that achieved a cultural fusion and a great territorial expansion through military conquest.

Their religion was the result of the syncretism of local divinities. They worshiped the God of the Wands, the Sacrificer and winged beings with the body of a feline and the head of a bird, among others. Shamans represented the deities with zoomorphic features when making sacrifices in their honor.

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