Underverse has dropped a pair of new Ashley Wood collectible figures for pre-order. The first batch of Resurrecter JC (blonde hair) and Mean Essene JC (black hair) figures are currently available for $220.00. That first batch is slated to arrive in Q1 of 2021, while the second batch will be in Q2.

The 12-inch tall figures feature an all new Underverse Body designed by Ashley Wood. So these will look considerably different from the 3A figures of yesteryear.

Accessories are listed below:

    • 13-inch tall Vinyl Cross
    • Two Metal Chains with Cross (Belt + Handheld)
    • Four pairs of JC Hands (fist, blessing, pointing, and claw)
    • Pair of Fabric Arm Wraps
    • Pair of JCeezys Sneakers
    • Boxing Shorts
    • Sport Leggings
    • Oversized Hooded Boxing Robe
    • Underwear
    • Faux Leather Belt with Pouch

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