Lulubell Toys has announced the upcoming release of the Gød x Aleister set - designed and hand sculpted by David Osowski of The Devil's Kaiju and produced in sofubi in Japan by Lulubell Toys. The pieces feature holographic flakes suspended in clear vinyl, along with inner and outer sprays, and finished off with hand painted detailing.

The Gød stands approx. 7.5 inches tall which comes chained to a skull club adorned with red Swarovski jewel eyes. Æther Aleister stands 4 inches tall and comes with matching inner and outer paint work and bell collar charm. Indoors, this special holographic vinyl appears as a heavy glitter look. Add direct light indoors or out and watch the holographic colors appear.

The set will be available Saturday, September 26th 2020 at Noon ET and sell for $250.00 plus shipping. Photos by Robert Howell / Manic Images.

The Æther represents a dimension hidden from sight. A magical realm where the great primordial spiral shares its secrets of creation. Where an intrepid seeker can experience this great holographic universe take shape in the form of a Gød and his dog. The journey through the Holographic Æther is one of awakening.

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