All it takes is some COVID-19 and quarantining and puzzles are all the rage again. Available from Road Crates, artist Jerrod Maruyama is releasing some limited edition puzzles based on his artwork for the first time. (Jerrod has become one of Disney’s biggest selling artists in their theme parks, with his artwork adorning everything from pins, mouse ears, t-shirts, collectible toys, plush, balloons, coffee and almost anything else you can imagine.)

A number of these new limited edition puzzles are currently available for pre-order ($25.00 plus shipping) with shipping to take place in August 2020.

These are 1,000 piece puzzles that measure approximately 27.95 inches by 20 inches when completed.

The puzzles are as follows: HOPE (collaboration with Jeff Granito); 80’s Gold; Rock ‘N Roll Heaven; Happy Baking; Sweet Smiles; Backstage Pass; All Access; Pick Heaven.

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