Tenacious Toys is set to release a new line of stickers designed by East Coast artist InPrimeWeTrust featuring his "Juicy Gents" character illustrations.

The Juicy Gents die-cut stickers measure approximately 4x4 inches each and will be sold in waves of three characters per sticker pack. Wave 1 pack includes Gigantor, Mazinger-Z, and Voltron in the Juicy Gents style. This is a super limited sticker pack line, with only 50 packs in Wave 1.

The Juicy Gents Wave 1 sticker pack will be $10.00 per 3-sticker pack and includes a Juicy Gents postcard. Wave 1 will be released on Friday January 31 2020 at Noon EST from Tenacious Toys.

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